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Three’s Company: Kutscher sisters are back on the field together

Krystal, Lindsay, and Kourtney Kutscher will all be playing for the same university for the first time this coming season. Linsay has entered CSUN as a freshman joining Krystal, a CSULA transfer, come together with her twin sister Kourtney who has played at CSUN all throughout her college career. (Raul Martinez/ The Sunidal) Photo credit: Raul Martinez

When it comes to college sports, a common practice every team takes is identifying itself as a family.

Teams come together as a family so they can develop chemistry, build bonds and support every member in the group so the team can achieve its highest expectations.

Like any other team, the CSUN women’s soccer team is a family, but the team has an unique situation. It literally has a family on the team.

Sisters Kourtney, Krystal and Lindsay Kutscher have reunited at Norhtridge for the first time since they graduated high school in 2012.

The three sisters originally played together at Temecula Valley High School but once graduation came for Kourtney and Krystal, the twins separated—Kourtney joined CSUN, while Krystal went to Cal State University Los Angeles (CSULA).

The youngest of the three, Lindsay, would join Kourtney at CSUN a year later.

However, after being apart for two years, Krystal transferred to CSUN to join her sisters.

“I knew if I did not make the decision to come (to CSUN), I would have regretted it later on,” Krystal said. “I know how much fun we had in high school and I just felt like it was the best decision for me.”

Kourtney recognized a schism of sorts after not being around her twin sister.

“It feels good (to be together again),” Kourtney said. “When we graduated, we kind of drifted away.”

Having family around not only helped from a social perspective, but the familiarity helps on the field as well.

“We are so close off the field and trust each other so much that it brings so much chemistry,” Lindsay said. “Not just to us but for the team as a whole.”

Krystal passes the ball to twin sister Kourtney while their younger sister Lindsay waits for a pass as the newly reunited Kutscher sisters juggle the ball at Matador Soccer Field. (Raul Martinez/ The Sundial) Photo credit: Raul Martinez


The sisters reuniting at CSUN has not only been a positive for them, but it has rewarding for the whole family.

“It’s the best thing that has ever happened to my mom,” Lindsay said.

The Kutscher sisters said their parents have supported them in soccer—regardless of allegiance—since age four when they would play together as children.

“When we played against each other, our family wore shirts that were half CSUN shirts and half CSULA shirts,” Krystal said. “They even sat at midfield so they were fair about it.”

The sisters said the support from their family has been great and although it has been fun to play together, it is just as important to raise the competitiveness.

“We hold each other to a higher standard,” Kourtney said. “We will be the first one to be hard on each other but also be the first ones to support each other.”

She said it makes them better when the sisters can be brutally honest with one another.

And without any type of restrictions holding them back, the sisters feel that they can elevate morale and production now.

“Last year we would support each other from the stands but now that we are on the field together, we can push each other,” Krystal said. “We still compete with who has better stats but we also help each other point out mistakes and work on those.”

And being so close to each other, the sisters almost feel the same things the other does, good or bad.

“Once we are on the field it is nothing but support though,” Lindsay said. “Like if Krystal has a bad game I feel bad too but when they play well I feel good; it’s just a sister thing.”

The sisters have not been had much playing time but they were able to start the second half together against Portland State on Aug. 23.

Kourtney was able to score her first goal of the season in the match and she was able to go straight to her sisters and celebrate with them which hasn’t happened since high school.

“Both of them were on the field so I ran up to them and we got a really cool picture together.” Said Kourtney about the goal she scored. “It was a such a cool feeling because it hasn’t happened since high school. It was a great experience.”

Their cohesion is improving to how it was in high school. Lindsay said Kourtney and Krystal have “twin telepathy.”

The competitive support not only shows up in actual games, but in the preparation for the games. They also hope that being on the same page translates into in-game success.

“In practice we can show how well the three of us work together,” Kourtney said. “As the season goes on, we will see more minutes together.”

As they play this season as one, sisters are optimistic about the current season.

“We need to work on the little details and we will do well,” Krystal said. “We need to focus on ourselves and do our best because it is only us who can beat us.”

“We have an advantage (as family).” Kourtney said. “We are close and can read each other.”

“Yeah we have an advantage.” Lindsay added. “We have been playing together since we were 4.”

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