Making a personalized costume saves money

Jillian Ballard

With Halloween just around the corner, it is about time to get your costume together. A Halloween costume could be right under your nose. Look in your own closet before shelling out cash on a costume. Instead of running out fighting people for what’s left, all you really need from those places are a few essentials and everything else can come from what you already have.


Over the years the most popular costume for women has been a witch. Instead of spending $49 on a costume, that’s a thin piece of nylon material. Try on whatever black dresses are in your closet. Even a black skirt with a dressy lace black top will work for a witch costume. Black dresses are not just for funerals; you can turn your black dress into a costume. In order to properly accessorize your costume/ black dress, purchase black fishnets and pair them with black boots or heels. Specialty shops sell the black nylon witch hat for $4.99 and a broom for $8.99. By accessorizing something in your closet, you will save approximately $25.

French maids, fairies, and women from fairy tales like Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood are other popular costumes selling out in the stores this year. But all of these costumes range from $59 – $84, depending on the quality and where you purchase them at. Since you are only going to be wearing it for one night, why not put something more original together. Making your own costume will keep you from running in to someone wearing the same store-bought outfit.

The accessories at the costume shops are always helpful to make your costume scarier or sexier, depending on what you are going to be. For women, your costume could be as simple as wearing a wig with a cute outfit. Venetian-style masks are only $15 at some stores, and cost even less at Party City. These masks can help make your costume classy because they come in gold, and some of them are shiny or have glitter on them.

If you do decide to spend money, try shopping at the mall first. You might find dresses and other outfits there for a lower price.

Don’t wait until the last minute, because the better costumes will be gone. Men may have a harder time putting together costumes, so here are some tips.


Character costumes always work for men. Whether you are masquerading as Zorro or V from “V for Vendetta,” or simply a mobster, there is an array of costumes out there, but they are selling out quickly.

Zorro is the easiest costume for a guy to wear. All you really need is a cape, a black hat and an eye bandanna to complete the look. The sword is a good accessory too, but not if you are going to a party. You do not want to carry it around and you might forget it if you sit it down somewhere. Party City sells the Zorro costume for $40, but you can get the cape, mask and hat for only $22. By wearing a black shirt and pants underneath, you will stay warm and still be in your character’s costume. More importantly, you will save money.

Halloween is only for one night, so it is not worth it to spend a lot of money on a costume. You will feel more comfortable wearing the clothes you already have and accessorizing them, and then your costume will be more original.