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Editorial: enforcing safety while having fun

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Have some fun, Matadors. Leave your backpack behind and get an Uber to go to the party of the weekend. Walk right in, grab a drink and get ready to meet some people.

Ultimately, the safety of everyone attending that party is key to preventing any horrible consequences that will be blamed on some irresponsible hosts.

The downside to CSUN’s commuter school image is the scattering of house parties. At one point in time, the “party houses” were all close to one another, particularly the mythic rumblings about a once existing Greek row along Zelzah Ave.

It can easily be presumed that without a row of party houses, Greek and not, events would be more difficult to monitor. For now, police cars cruise by street by street, keeping an eye on party homes waiting for that one phone call from an annoyed neighbor.

What can be done to prevent a home raid is to enforce a sound level between music and people. At some point, turn the music off. That simple, and in turn not only will party guests be inclined to not yell over the music but they will understand that they are on a time limit.

It should also be noted to keep the guest number to a minimum. The Sundial Editorial Staff knows that students love a good rager, but keep it limited. If a group of students have a small home, inviting a few hundred people is definitely not ideal.

Lower the number of invitees. This way, there can be enough hosts and other party “officials” who can monitor their guests and provide safety when needed.

A great aspect to that safety is water. Be sure to have guests hydrate themselves before and while they drink alcohol. This of course means having those same monitors provide water to everyone, not just those who look clearly or overtly inebriated.

With all of the alcohol flowing, though, you do not want too many random people entering the party causing trouble. Understandable, that is why the hosts need good security at the front door. Some of the Editorial staff, Greek and not Greek, have seen people guarding the front doors of party houses while drunk.

In short, this cannot happen. Those that are keeping guard (basically bouncers) need to stay sober. This will moderate the number of people arriving but it will also be a good device when the police arrive. No police officer wants to see drunk college student pretending to be a bouncer.

Maintain a sober state of mind, and enforce what can be called a new culture of responsibility. No one wants to later find out that after the party they went to the night before, someone lost their life in a senseless accident. This has been seen repeatedly across the nation.

Whether it is at Blinn College in Texas (over a game of Beer Pong, no less) or at Berkeley up north, moderation, observation and security are needed bedfellows in any party.

“Bedfellows” is a good transition for any type of promiscuity that may happen during or after a party. It is recommended that boundaries be established (with the proper legal background made assured very recently), but there is the questionability of the free will of each student.

Sexual relations will occur, and it can be argued whether or not those same monitors providing water should be provided condoms as well. Will this lead to a sexual assault or to a potentially sober congregation? This is for the moralists to debate; as college students, there will always be heavy emphasis on protection.

Returning to responsibility, perhaps escorts should be put into place to send people home while the party begins to wind down. Rather than have an Uber or police escort, have several sober hosts or selected sober reps from the party to drive students home. Keeping clear with local authorities about this noble effort may keep a more stable relation between the party host and those same authorities.

Unlike other schools that have designated party neighborhoods, as suggested by the staff, the scattering of homes and, thus, the scattering of students from CSUN to Pierce to elsewhere adds to the uncertainty that can occur.

Various students, Greek and not, commuter and not can foment an air of worry and possible insecurity whilst attending a banger. Inherently, common sense is paramount. Foreseeing potential dangers can help prevent them. Don’t think with the bottle and the team/bros. Teamwork has its uses.


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