Cooling Off “Under the Sea” at this years Family Fun Zone


Little Damien, 2, and his parents, Caelan McElligott, 22 year old credential student, and Miguel Cuevas, 23. Photo credit: Priscilla Diaz

Priscilla Diaz

With faces painted, soapy hands, and a personally customized treasure chest, tiny matadors and their parents took part at the University Student Union’s Family Fun Zone at CSUN on Friday evening. The annual event is located at the OST Lawn next to the USU,

“It’s something the USU offers and funds so that families can come spend time with one another on our campus. It helps us stay connected to the community as well as bring them in to see what we have to offer,” said Amber Bartmus, 22-year-old volunteer and Student Guest Services Supervisor for the USU.

The event featured an under-the-sea worm, art and crafts, bubble pools, ball pits, face painting, live kid friendly music and free foodto CSUN students, faculty and their families. This year’s theme was “Under the Sea” and was welcomed by the participants on such a warm day.

“We thought the theme was appropriate for all ages. The kids loved the bubbles and the little mermaid, and getting their faces painted. The [families] seemed happy. There was this little kid that was just chilling in the ball pit, it was so funny, he seemed to be enjoying himself,” said Tania Dominguez, 20-year-old, Student Events Assistant for the USU.

Although the attendance started off slow, more families showed up as the sun went down. The location was completely gated for the safety of the children, and a waiver was required for every child.

“I’ve seen lots of excitement on the kids faces, and a bit of safety and security on the parents faces knowing their children are safe while they play. We try to keep [security] the least intimidating as possible so we do have one entrance and exit, and the rest of the area is fenced off,” said Bartmus.

The event was not only fun for the kids but surprisingly fun for adults, according to Cuelan McElligott, 22-year-old credential student. She says her partner was having more fun than he expected.

McElligott, mother of two-year-old Damien Cuevas, really enjoyed the event and hopes CSUN will offer more events like it. “They help families become better connected to their school. There’s been some times when I thought there were going to be similar events, and I thought there would be more that I could take my son to but this is the first one I found that was actually kid friendly and that he would have a good time at,” said McElligott.