Graffiti epidemic goes unnoticed by CSUN

Kari Thumlert

What looks like dried blood, “u fuck the PoliCe 2006,” “Extacy is your FrienD,” “Smoke weed PoPE,” “Fuck Bitches” “Buzzy Loves Spider,” and a glory hole are just a few of the spirit killers one can find around campus. And yes I did say a glory hole and what could possibly be dried blood!

In case you don’t know, a glory hole is a hole drilled in a bathroom stall wall that separates two toilets in order for a male to put his male genitalia into it for sexual activity. There is one in the third floor men’s locker room in Redwood Hall.

What I want to know is how someone got away with drilling the estimated five-inch hole in the stall and didn’t get caught. I wonder if they were disguised as a worker or had a look out. What’s really sad is, in order for anyone who uses that stall to get a tiny bit of privacy, they stuff the hole with toilet paper.

Something red that looks like long streaks of dried blood is on the wall just as one leaves or enters the elevator in parking lot B3 off of Etiwanda Avenue. It’s been there for at least two semesters and if it is blood? Yuck! I point it out, asking people, “Do you think that’s blood?” I have watched and waited to see if it would get cleaned up and Thursday night on my way to my car I stopped once again to see if it was still there. It has yet to be cleaned.

While discussing with a small group of three to four students about the graffiti that has been plaguing the back of stall doors two and three to the left when one walks into the women’s restroom on the second floor of Sierra Hall, I learned that the men’s restroom in Manzanita Hall is much worse.

“Buzzy Loves Spider” is nothing compared to the defacing and destruction that has been done in the Manzanita first floor bathroom of the Gallery of Poster Art.

“Extacy is your FrienD,” “u fuck the PoPE 2006,” “MORG,” “Smoke Weed PoPE,” “Fuck Bitches” and etchings in the mirrors are just a few of the mouth-dropping damages that have been done in that facility.

A reminder for the taggers, it is a crime to deface someone else’s property, and if you are caught the fine is up to a $1,000 and six months of jail time.

To be fair, someone has attempted to wash the graffiti off of stall two in the Sierra Hall restroom and the bathroom seems to be relatively clean, but stall three’s graffiti is very prevalent.

Lastly, on the northeast corner of West University Avenue and Etiwanda Streets sits a lone newsstand with gang slogans all over it.

I am sure there is much more shocking damage out there. Since my time is limited and my classes are in Manzanita or Sierra Halls, I haven’t examined every restroom, parking lot or newsstand on campus. I am just discussing the ones I know.

Frankly, Buzzy, I don’t care if you love Spider, I just want go into the stall, do my business and not learn about yours. Got it!

And to the person who thinks “Extacy is your frienD” you are so wrong. I’ve been to rave parties and watching zombies try to shake around with pupils as big as figs and drool dripping from their mouths , while someone waves light sticks in front of their face, is one of the most pathetic sights I have seen.

I have no interest in f$%^’*#$ girl dogs, I am sure the pope would say no to your suggestion to smoke weed and weed is certainly no friend of mine.

Funny, in my neighborhood when I see graffiti I just call 311 with an address and the next day the city has cleaned it up, but here we are not fortunate enough to have the 311 system. With all the money I pay to go to school here, I would think that more of a effort would be made to clean up the campus.

Make no mistake. This is not art, it is gangs marking their territory as far as I understand it. The point is it needs to be addressed or incidents of basketball players having guns pulled on them during a practice won’t be an uncommon action.

Campus pride, spirit and beautification seems to be the image CSUN administrators and student leaders want to promote, but the graffiti I began to notice two semesters ago has yet to be cleaned off. Maybe the Associated Students president can use some of the approximate $12,000 salary he makes to help clean it up, as my school spirit diminishes every time I see some sort of vandalism.