Drenched in holiness


Close to 200 church members of the United house of prayer in South los Angeles opened their hearts, soul and body to receive what they call ” a cleansing of their soul” as two fire hydrant hoses cascaded water into the air as a form of rebirth, Feb. 4. Dressed in white garments and some even wearing shower caps to protect their hair from the cleansing water, they danced and prayed while members of the church shot water on them with two water hoses. According to Pastor Wilbert Swaringer, the event was performed as a symbolic act in reference to Jesus Christ being baptized in the river Jordan. During the procession, many bands from across the nation performed as the healig water fell. Some of the church came from as far as Virginia and North Carolina, among others. After 10 minutes of dancing and praying in soaked clothing, members were asked to clear the streets and come back later for an evening service.