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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Let college be a great experience

Alyssa Lofgren May 7, 2008
The past few weeks, I've been a water works. As an emotional chick that grew up in a house that encouraged crying for therapy, I've had to come to terms with the fact that because I cry at the drop of a hat, I will never be an ideal mascara consumer. So what's the big deal, you ask? The big deal is that in about two weeks, I'll be walking across the steps of the Oviatt library, my black gown billowing behind my rapid pace.

Mexican culture celebrated in concert

Alyssa Lofgren May 6, 2008
Colorful dancers twirled around the stage at the Performing Arts Center on Saturday night, spinning in perfect step to a mariachi band as they celebrated the fifth annual Folklor de Mexico music and dance concert. The show was mostly comprised of theatrical dance acts by the Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN, a folklorical dance group that spends months in preparation for their annual show.

‘Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?’ captures heart

Alyssa Lofgren April 22, 2008
Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?" opens with a tight shot of a positive pregnancy test. When the shot shifts to a pixie-ish blonde, holding a cluster of other positive tests, you might be thinking, "Am I in the wrong theatre? What does this have to do with bin Laden?" Don't worry, you're in the right place - this slightly off-kilter montage is the basis of director Morgan Spurlock's quest to to protect his forthcoming son from one of the biggest dangers in the world, Osama bin Laden.

Environmentalists should be aware of their own habits

Alyssa Lofgren April 11, 2008
In the past few weeks I've experienced an explosion in my mailbox. I get shiny pamphlets from the Lupus Foundation, tacky address labels from the Lion's Club, colorful cards from the World Wildlife Foundation and car decals from the Sierra Club. I recognize that as non-profits, most of these organizations are in dire need of donations, but I can't see why the bulk of paper mailings are so necessary.

Pop-powerhouse duo ‘The Veronicas’ rock out at the Roxy

Alyssa Lofgren April 8, 2008
The powerhouse pop duo "The Veronicas" rocked to a packed crowd at the Roxy in Hollywood last Wednesday, proving that good things do come in small packages. "The Veronicas" are composed of the petite but vocally-impressive twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, and three bandmates on guitar, bass and drums.

CTVA professor offers glimpse of life in civil rights era South

Alyssa Lofgren March 11, 2008
The wavy lines that frame some of Frederick Kuretski's photographs were not imbued for artistic effect - they are the remnants of a basement flood. The fact that the undulating, soft waves only add to the pictures proves one thing; Kuretski's images are profound, and their impact on the viewer is due to more than their popular history.

‘Even Steven Goes to War’ boasts strong acting, important message

Alyssa Lofgren March 4, 2008
Even Steven Goes to War," a heartfelt play about a young boy's journey through the Vietnam War, debuted this weekend at the Little Theatre. An imaginative "Even Steven," played by the talented Jessica Hope Kummer, prepares for a move out of his childhood home by playing a war game with some friends.

‘The Vagina Monologues’ entertains a sold-out crowd

Alyssa Lofgren February 26, 2008
Just days after the word "vagina" sparked a huge controversy at Cleveland High School in Reseda, CSUN put on a full-fledged production of Eve Ensler's 'The Vagina Monologues,' attracting an energetic crowd of hundreds of people. Set against a pink-lit backdrop, about 30 girls sat on stage while individual actresses performed distinct monologues.

Opera, dance show bewitches audience

Alyssa Lofgren February 12, 2008
Hundreds of shoes lined a small space outside of the Redwood Hall Dance Studio on Saturday, as patrons prepared to watch a CSUN Opera Theatre performance of "The Bewitched Child," a one act opera by Maurice Ravel. Guests in attendance were asked to remove their shoes before entering the dance studio, as the special dance floor is easily damaged and scuffed.

‘The Color Purple’ musical inspires with message of faith, love and beauty

Alyssa Lofgren February 5, 2008
Those who remember assigned reading in their high school English classes might groan when somebody mentions "The Color Purple," but if you took the time to read it, you realized what an invigorating book it really is. Now, "The Color Purple" has been brought to life in a vibrant musical about love.

Kansas protestors should feel shame in picketing Ledger’s funeral

Alyssa Lofgren January 25, 2008
Last Tuesday, 28-year-old Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment. Several sources have speculated that the cause of his death was a lethal mix of prescription sleeping pills and narcotics. The sudden death of a young actor and father left many people in the nation shocked, as his rugged good looks and unique talent captured the hearts of many women and men around the globe.

‘Superbad’ delivers gut-busting laughter and raunchiness

Alyssa Lofgren December 10, 2007
Originally Published August 30, 2007 Fans of Judd Apatow's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" will delight at "Superbad," a raunchy comedy movie that may not make audiences shed a tear, but may just have them bust a gut. The film features three graduating high school seniors' quest to lose their virginity and party as they prepare to go to different colleges.
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