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Weekly Events: Thanksgiving

Follow these tips to be sure your turkey makes it to the table safely. (Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Anthony Walton

November 24, 2015

Tuesday 24th Music Hack the Planet 6.0 An electronica concert featuring Paladin Shield, Casio DadChikochikorita, Orange County’s Sugar Mittens, and more. With music that will bring nostalgia chills from the 8-bit feel to songs that sound straight out of an anime. Come grab some food and enjoy...

Weekly Events: Pre-gaming for Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy: The Sundial

Anthony Walton

November 18, 2015

The time has come, its pre-Thanksgiving week and finals are around the corner. Christmas music is playing and people are camping out for black friday already. Skipping class is becoming ever more tempting but to preserve and make it to the end of the semester without giving into the temptation of sleeping i...

School bus swerved onto curb, breaks light post near VPAC

A school bus swerved onto the curb after it attempted to avoid a two-car collision. (Vincent Nguyen / The Sundial)

Anthony Walton

November 17, 2015

A school bus swerved onto the curb on the corner of the Valley Performing Arts Center, tearing down a light post as it was heading eastbound on Nordhoff Street approaching Lindley Avenue. LAPD and California Highway Patrol officials said there were two people on the bus including the driver who was...

Weekly Events: Campus activities, concerts, art shows galore

Students rush around the campus during the first week of school to attend classes, buy books and visit the Student Recreation Center. CSUN does not usually enroll a large number of students in the spring semester compared to the fall, which had the largest number of freshman in the campus' history. (File Photo / Loren Townsley / The Sundial)

Anthony Walton

November 11, 2015

Only what felt like a few weeks ago, we were complaining about how hot and disgusting it was, blissfully browsing instagram through class and wondering what was going on in the world. Now, finals are approaching but more importantly Thanksgiving, and winter break are at hand! A handful are graduating in a ...

Weekly Events: Smells like turkey

Photo courtesy of Associated Students

Anthony Walton

November 4, 2015

November can't be upon us already can it? School just stared like last week didn't it? The semester is already more than half way over and midterms are fiercely charging toward us. In the face of this, getting a break and relaxing can in every way be more beneficial than studying at times. So take a bre...

Weekly Events: Why are there Christmas sales already?

Dia de los Muertos or

Anthony Walton

October 21, 2015

October is almost over. How does time fly so quickly when class is in session? For better or worse this means that the spookiness of the month is intensifying. However, Thanksgiving, eggnog and presents are on their way. For those looking for things to do that won't spook but get their hearts ready ...

Weekly Events: Autumn, school are in full-swing, find spare time for leisure

California State University: Sustainability Day Building Resilience

Anthony Walton

October 14, 2015

October is finally here, with a break from the heat finally at hand. With the semester passing quick nothing is harder than getting down your class routine while finding time to make your self free for entertainment and fun. With midterms ago and the semester passing quick, treat yourself before Hallow...

Weekly Events: Spooky activities to warm up for Halloween

A new maze at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights inspired by Guillermo del Toro's film

Anthony Walton

October 7, 2015

The crisp, hot California air is filling our lungs as we give a hearty, sweaty hello to October! We're starting to see trees turn into their autumnal red and gold colors, and with a new season comes a bevvy of spooky activities for those who are brave enough to face them. If not, we got stuff for everyone!...

App of the day: Study Blue

Cartoon of male holding a phone that reads

Anthony Walton

October 7, 2015

No one has ever gotten through college without having to study. We all have our different means, but one common way is through the use of flashcards. Flash cards are a time-tested study device that has work for a reason; it's simple. You write a term on one side and on the back you write it's definition,...

App of the Day: Evernote

Cartoon of a male holding a phone that reads

Anthony Walton

October 6, 2015

For every college student in existence, note taking is the backbone of any good college career. Lugging around several notebooks, furiously writing what the professors are saying and putting up on their power points and getting hand craps is something all students can understand and relate to. However...

Dorm Life: Feeling at home

Students walking to their dorms at CSUN. Photo credit: File Photo/The Sundial

Anthony Walton

September 29, 2015

Fall is here, college has started and you're finally living on your own, away from your parents.There's nothing quite like moving out for the first time, meeting your roommate, getting accustomed to your school campus and getting used to a new sense of freedom.However, as time goes on and you settle i...

Weekly Events: Jeph Loeb, CSUN Symphony and more

Alisa Katz seems amazed with artist Michael Heizer's,

Anthony Walton

September 21, 2015

Thursday 24th Campus Event The Lady From Shanghai As per usual, CSUN is hosting a movie night every single wednesday to look back at the astounding career of actor Orson Welles. Thursday they'll be showing The Lady From Shanghai that was known as one of the great film Noir, a must see! Armer Scr...

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