App of the Day: Evernote


Anthony Walton

For every college student in existence, note taking is the backbone of any good college career.

Lugging around several notebooks, furiously writing what the professors are saying and putting up on their power points and getting hand craps is something all students can understand and relate to.

However what student has encountered the moment where, you forget a notebook, run out of paper, or can’t find the specific thing you wrote down a month ago?

In comes the iOS, android, mac and PC app Evernote.

Evernote is an app that allows one to organize notes, photos, use PDFs, office documents and a plethora of other things. It also enables users to sync them across a multitude of platforms, all for free.

Users are able to create notebooks and utilize them as if they were physical notebooks with unlimited space. Taking photos, videos, even audio recordings is all but a button press away while taking notes in class that then get put into along with your typed notes.

“I tried it because a friend told me about it and it’s replaced all my notebooks, I seriously just use my iPad at school now” said Omar Ismail, 25, senior, Social Science major

Since the popularity of Evernote has increased it’s not uncommon now to see student’s solely bringing an iPad to school because this app acts like a giant notebook that holds all your notes.

Outside of the note taking functionality of this app, Evernote allows users to create chat rooms with friends or colleagues to share and discuss notes or notebooks one’s made. In addition to this making agendas and action items only take a few seconds.

“I usually use Evernote to share notebooks with my friends when we have a test coming up, then we study through the discussion rooms if we can’t meet up,” said Holli Coleman, 23, senior, child development major.

All of this may come across as intimidating on paper; however the developers intentionally offered a deep level of function for users who want to utilize all of its features and yet keeps it extremely simple for those who just want to make notes and notebooks for their classes.

“Evernote is intuitive, easy to understand and keeps me organized” said Brigina O’Bryan, 23, senior, Global studies.

One of the final things that seals in the idea of using a digital notebook is being able to search effortlessly through all your notebooks, or through specific notes to pinpoint a word or phrase that was written down, so that one can eliminate any and all searching of specific things written even years ago.

Making any large change in life is scary and can take some testing first, which is recommended.

If having every single notebook for every class all through college all kept in one app, across every platform whether PC, mac, iOS, or android is enticing this app may be worth looking into