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woman and baby happily pose for selfie

Mom vs. College: Self

Breaunne Pinckney March 27, 2018

There comes a point in our lives when we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is on us. We feel as if we’re not doing as well as we could, and that we should be doing better. We may feel that...

woman and baby happily pose for selfie

Vs. Growing Pains

Breaunne Pinckney February 28, 2018

We all go through the pain of reality hitting us at some point or another. Whether it be when we notice we’re getting old because of certain things that we do, or just by trying to make ends meet with...

woman and baby happily pose for selfie

Vs. Self Identity

Breaunne Pinckney February 17, 2018

I’m a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, boss and student. I’m also a photographer, a columnist and a millennial. My pronouns are her/she/hers. I identify as a Black female. These are...

woman and baby happily pose for selfie

Vs. Self Love

Breaunne Pinckney February 14, 2018

There comes a time in all of our lives where we struggle with putting ourselves first. We focus so much on making sure everyone else around us is happy - our family, friends. We sometimes forget about...

woman and baby happily pose for selfie

Mom vs. College: Mental Health

Breaunne Pinckney February 6, 2018

It can get overwhelming, you know? You have deadlines to meet, issues at work, issues at home and your finances aren’t looking so great. Motherhood doesn't come with a survival guide, so most of us...

woman and baby smiling happily

Mom vs. College vs. The World

Breaunne Pinckney January 31, 2018

Who says you can’t be a young mom and further your education? Well, every single person that knew when I got pregnant in 2014. I was 20 and in my second to last semester of Junior college when I got...

four woman standing behind a booth

Annual Sustainability Day features sustainable food sources in LA

Breaunne Pinckney October 26, 2017

Since Oct. of 2003 Sustainability Day has been a celebration of sustainability to promote and insight new students, staff, and others into the sustainability of school systems in higher education Held...

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