Mom vs. College vs. The World


Photo credit: Breaunne Pinckney

Breaunne Pinckney

Who says you can’t be a young mom and further your education? Well, every single person that knew when I got pregnant in 2014.

I was 20 and in my second to last semester of Junior college when I got pregnant with my, now 2-year-old.

Family, friends and people who didn’t have a voice in my life, shamed me and constantly reminded me how they felt my life was over – that I couldn’t finish school because life was all about my child now.

Well duh. Of course it’s about my child, but does that mean I can’t get my degree? If anything, I felt I needed to get my degree more than anything to make sure I could give my child the life they deserved.

It’s safe to say they were wrong. Here I am today and I’ll be graduating with my three year old on my hip in May.

In the past year alone I’ve worked full time, while going to school full time, while being a full time mom. I have dealt with and continue to deal with financial and emotional instability. But I have continued to fight through the late nights and early mornings to make sure I reach my goal.

I am living proof that you can do anything that you put your mind to. You just have to put in the work to make sure you get there. You have to keep your focus on the fact that giving up is not an option.

Will it be hard? Yes. Are you going to have days when you want to give up? Definitely. When you feel like you’re overwhelmed and your back is against the wall, take a step back and breath. Remember why you’re working so hard. Reboot, and push forward.

So, when people are constantly in your ear telling you you can’t achieve what they feel is the impossible, use it as motivation to prove them wrong. Show them that you are not easily broken, and you will not claim defeat. Why? Because I assure you, no one knows how strong you are but you.

College is hard enough without people constantly telling you that you’re going to fail and how fast. Shut them up. Do the work, fight through the procrastination, focus on your self-care, and graduate. It will be worth it. Just do it.