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Best coffee shops around LA for doing homework

Pamela Garcia

Looking for a place off campus that offers a quiet space to work? Want a change of environment from your desk? Then try these coffee shops for your next homework escapade.
1. R Cafe

Being the closest to campus on this list, this is a great place to get a coffee and do some work while enjoying the sunny valley weather. The shop is outside and offers a nice seating area within its enclosed white fence. With the pop-up designer style that is dominant in West Hollywood, you get a sense of Los Angeles while only a short distance from campus. The walls are adorned in stenciled decals, with standouts being flowers, birds, and a coffee pot—the art is enough to draw you in. A staple to the Northridge community, make sure you check it out, next time you need a coffee.

2. Ten

If you want a vibrant atmosphere that is full of business professionals, then Ten is your place. The interior provides a great landscape for those looking to blend in with the business professional lifestyle. With cozy spotlight orange chairs, a large marble countertop, and freshly made-in-house espresso this place can give you a fresh perspective on the LA lifestyle. This coffee shop is more than just a place to pick up a donut and coffee. Instead, its menu offers handcrafted delicacies from the owner’s recipe book. Want a whipped omelet with creme fraiche? How about an autumn parfait with seasonal fruit and homemade granola? This place is truly the jack of all trades, and to top it off, if you order to go, your latte is served in a small glass mason jar that you can keep. Breakfast with a souvenir!

3. Goodboybob Coffee Roasters

There’s something about having coffee with the scent of ocean waves in the air that makes your day just 10 times better. Goodboybob is an artisan cafe that feels like you’re in the waiting room of a bourbon company’s tech headquarters. The perfect blend of aesthetic classiness that doesn’t feel overpowering makes it a great spot to do your homework, especially if you are easily distracted. The selection is more than just coffee as well, and they offer some great lunch choices for the late afternoon worker. With brick-laced walls and vibrant indoor livery, this place feels like a breath of New York City in the heart of Los Angeles, a fresh change from the daily sunshine and smile of LA. Coffee and comfort are the best ways to describe this shop, so next time you’re there, find a cozy leatherbound couch and get working.

4. Tanner’s

Now if I said Goodboybob’s ocean breeze can make your day better, Tanner’s is less than 100 feet from the beach. This is for those students not afraid to drive. Located in Playa Del Rey, the shop is a surfer’s fever dream and feels as if you walked onto the set of a late 90’s sitcom. There are various chairs in all shapes and sizes, perfect to cuddle up and dive into your work. If you’re going here, bring a bathing suit, a towel, and some sunscreen for a well-deserved cool down at the beach.

5. Civil Coffee

For students who need to put their noses to the books and focus on getting lots of work done with little distractions, then Civil Coffee is the best choice. With a modern design and a walk-in and work mentality, this coffee shop hosts plenty of Los Angeles residents who are working from their laptops. With plenty of wicker seats, and plunging white lounge chairs, this is a great place to get locked in your work. Furthermore, Civil Coffee hosts multiple locations around Los Angeles, so you have variety in layout, but still the same quality coffee. Civil offers chargers, outlets, and at some locations, desk lighting. If you don’t feel like traveling far, this might be the place, as there are locations that range from the Valley to downtown LA.

6. Cafe Aficionado

Located on Reseda Blvd, this coffee shop offers artisan cups of coffee, as well as a simple cup of Joe. For students wanting to support local businesses, here’s your chance. Upon entry, the family-esque atmosphere can be felt radiating from this shop. Each cup is crafted with personality, and while often quiet, offers a unique area to work and not get distracted. This is within walking distance from campus, so those who can’t or won’t drive for their morning pick-me-up can take a 10-minute walk off campus to get a fresh perspective and coffee to start their day. Next time you want a coffee that’s not Starbucks, give this little dive a chance.

7. Alchemist Coffee Project

The atmosphere was a surprise. From the minute you walk in, you can feel the sense of community, as everyone was engaged in conversations that gave the shop a similar comparative to a bar. Friends laughing with friends, people in the corner reading mysterious fiction, and dogs asleep under the local patrons’ feet, this place felt like a microcosm of a town within LA. With matte black walls and concrete-based floors, this place feels like a tech start-up, and the vibrant atmosphere contradicts that nature, giving a book-nook-type experience that offers a unique area for working. This place offers plenty of outlets and chatter that often makes the ambiance of a coffee shop. If you want a scenery that will put you in the mood to work, then Alchemist is your choice.

8. 10 Speed Coffee

To round out this list we have 10 Speed Coffee. Another place with multiple locations, this shop gives you a sense of nature even in the center of the city. The walls are lined in wood, and bicycles often hang from the ceiling to evoke a sense of nature on the move. The shop is full of greenery, which radiates a sense of calmness no matter the type of homework you are doing. If you want to go to a place and have a sense of feeling you’re not in Los Angeles anymore, then this coffee shop is the answer. From the minute you walk in, you feel as if you’re in a jungle tree house or a retro beachside bike repair, quite literally anything but the bustle of Los Angeles. This place is great for students who like to work outside or in nature, as this gives that atmosphere with the comfort of indoor seating. 10 Speed has plenty of outlets, and warm ambient lighting that provides an overall sense of calm within the store. If you want to experience the forest but have work to do, then try this place.

That does it for this list in the Discover L.A series. Try out these different types of coffee shops next time you’re looking for a place to sit down and work.

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