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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Celebrating the culmination of CSUN’s 50th

Casey Rowley April 23, 2009

Alumni, faculty and staff are gearing up to celebrate CSUN's 50th anniversary Grand Reunion Saturday. The day is expected to have a big turnout.

Have a drink at Parker River’s floating bar

Casey Rowley April 15, 2009

College spring breakers load their trucks with duffel bags, bikinis and beer bongs and head on Highway 95 towards Lake Havasu City, Arizona. At the lake, party crowds unpack their belongings and get ready to let loose from a tough spring semester.


Part 1: Grad school is the way to go

Casey Rowley April 3, 2009

While graduation looms, so does the lingering question of what to do after that glorious day of walking in a cap and gown. For some, entering the job market is the only way to go, but for me going back to school seems like a great option.

Teens take texting to a new level

Casey Rowley March 25, 2009

When younger generations grow up in the age of MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, their level of exposure to explicit and sexual situations are much greater than those before them. So what ends up happening to these tweens and teenagers when puberty and curiosity hits?

Counseling program caters to campus employees

Casey Rowley March 24, 2009

Employees have access to valuable services for issues ranging from stress to alcohol and drug abuse through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) located on campus.

A.S. debates funding self-promotion

Casey Rowley March 18, 2009

Mixed thoughts on whether funds were being dispersed fairly were expressed at the Associated Students (A.S.) meeting on Tuesday as senators debated whether or not Matador TV should be funded to raise awareness of student government.

Tweets inform users about more than updates about friends

Casey Rowley March 10, 2009

Social networking Web sites have hit us hard and fast, but one sticks in my mind as a great resource. Yes I said resource and not social network.

?A Chorus Line? has fun with taboo

Casey Rowley March 9, 2009

Edgy provocative storylines with a mix of fun and heartfelt songs made three hours fly by. 'A Chorus Line' made its opening debut on Feb. 28 at College of the Canyon's Performing Arts Center in Santa Clarita.

Songsmiths and engineering

Casey Rowley March 3, 2009

They call themselves Jerusalem. It has no religious ties whatsoever, but is an afterthought to the original name Jerusalem Cherry. The cherry was dropped and they now stand alone as Jerusalem. Lost yet?

KCSN: Students don?t know or don?t care

Casey Rowley February 25, 2009

Live from our campus, KCSN 88.5 FM produces classical entertainment with a mix of bluegrass, jazz, Americana, news broadcasts and much more.


Community colleges take a hit from the state budget

Casey Rowley February 23, 2009

In a ruthless economy it's difficult to think that cheaper and more flexible options, such as community colleges, are thinning out.

Advancements in feminism have taken a step back

Casey Rowley February 16, 2009

We no longer live in a time where kissing on TV is considered racy. Gone are the days when women had to wear skirts that almost reached the floor.

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