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Upon entering a job interview, its important to have a suit and tie at hand for a lasting impression on potential employers. Photo credit by Loren Townsley.

10 tips on how to land your next job

Himerria Wortham May 8, 2014

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on May 2, that businesses and professional services have added 75,000 jobs in April, the most jobs in more than two years, while the unemployment rate has dropped...

Women prisoners are taking their babies for a walk. However for some, they have been denied the privilege of walking their own child. Courtesy of MCT

Sterilizing women prisoners is denying a human a life, future and humanity

Himerria Wortham May 7, 2014

The California Senate Health Committee was presented with a bill on April 2 that aims to close loopholes that allowed for the sterilization of women prisoners without state approval. While this bill...

Courtesy of MCT

Unknown lethal injections are a cruel and unusual punishment

Himerria Wortham April 30, 2014

*Update (4/30): On Tuesday night, Oklahoma death row inmate, Clayton Lockett, died due to a heart attack more than 40 minutes after receiving a  botched lethal injection. Lockett is another victim...

Asian House to be renamed in honor of professor, mentor

Himerria Wortham April 29, 2014

The Asian House that holds the Asian American Studies (AAS) Activities Center and the Women's Research and Resource Center (WRRC), will be renamed to the Glenn Omatsu House on April 29 in honor of professor...

A tag is shown with the material composition listed on a garment from H&M at the Americana in Glendale. This Swedish retailer H&M strives hard to produce eco-friendly products. (Photo Credit: Charlie Kaijo/Senior Photographer)

H&M produces eco-friendly clothing for conscious consumers

Himerria Wortham April 21, 2014

When shopping for environmentally-friendly products, people tend to pay more attention to the labels on their food and infant care products than the labels on clothes, according to Cotton Incorporated’s...

Courtesy of MCT

Orcas do not deserve to be canned like sardines

Himerria Wortham April 14, 2014

"Blackfish" is a emotion evoking documentary following the story of a SeaWorld whale who is responsible for killing a trainer in 2010. The film has aired frequently on CNN since 2013 and thus far gained...

Traveling for spring break on a college budget

Traveling for spring break on a college budget

Himerria Wortham April 3, 2014

Spring break is a great time to decompress from the stress of the semester by leaving the books at home and enjoying a mini vacation getaway. However, planning the trip starts with the fun of figuring...

Students react to the CSUN women’s basketball team’s win

Himerria Wortham March 23, 2014

On March 16 the Matador women's basketball team defeated the Cal Poly Mustangs to make it to the NCAA conference. They will play the University of South Carolina Gamecocks on March 23. Here's what some...

Meet the multimedia future of photo sharing with Momentage

Meet the multimedia future of photo sharing with Momentage

Himerria Wortham March 19, 2014

Amateur and professional photographers alike have increasingly more outlets to show how skilled they are with a simple phone camera. However, going beyond taking a photo, adding a filter and posting to...

LAPD detonate pipe bomb Devonshire and Reseda

Himerria Wortham March 19, 2014

A pipe bomb was detonated by an LAPD bomb squad near the intersection Devonshire St. and Reseda Blvd., prompting an evacuation of the area Wednesday afternoon. LAPD North Hollywood Capt. Stephen Carmona...

Melrose Trading Post gives introverts the chance to people-watch and thrift shop

Melrose Trading Post gives introverts the chance to people-watch and thrift shop

Himerria Wortham March 13, 2014

Introverts would make the best spies. Observation is their secret weapon and cafes, public transportation and malls are their battlefield. The Melrose Trading Post (MTP) is an outdoor shopping paradise...

CSUN parking lots showcase student hot rods and cool wheels

CSUN parking lots showcase student hot rods and cool wheels

Himerria Wortham March 9, 2014

Time shall no longer be idly wasted waiting for parking. Instead of pouring energy into the parking lot rage, a glance toward the surrounding cars in parking structures and lots can turn into a free mini...

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