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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

MOCA’s new collection showcases contemporary art

Jessica Hager May 9, 2008
Originally Published February 26, 2008 For lovers of contemporary art, or anyone interested in learning something about it, or for those who want something different to do on a weekend other than a movie or concert, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles presents "Collecting Collections: Highlights from the Permanent Collection.

Finance students give advice on economy

Jessica Hager May 7, 2008
As the high cost of living and economic downturns leave many people in the U.S. struggling with debt, job loss and foreclosure, CSUN finance students and experts share advice on what students can do to ensure a better future. Paying for college has never been easy, but in this economy it has become increasingly difficult for students dealing with high tuition costs, books, housing, gas and other living expenses.

Green party presidential candidate discusses U.S.’ social, political problems

Jessica Hager April 30, 2008
As Democrats and Republicans duke it out for America's vote, the other parties are vying for attention. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney came to CSUN on April 15 to speak about how her party is different. The environmental, social and political problems facing the country were her main concerns when she spoke to students about the party.

Student artists show prized work at annual juried show

Jessica Hager April 29, 2008
Original and award-winning works of art are currently on display in the Main Gallery on the CSUN campus, courtesy of the CSUN arts council. The annual juried student art show, which opened April 25, is home to works by graduate and undergraduate art students in a variety of genres.

Earth Fair raises awareness on global warming, recycling

Jessica Hager April 24, 2008
In celebration of Earth Day event held Tuesday, CSUN's Associated Students hosted the school's 38th Annual Earth Fair, providing free food, music and more than 25 booths representing a variety of environmental causes. Students had the opportunity to visit booths from the California Wildlife Center, the Sierra Club, the California Native Plant Society and Organic To Go Caf'eacute;s, among others.

Celebrating Mother Earth for 38 years

Jessica Hager April 22, 2008
In the quest to solve the countless problems associated with climate change and environmental degradation, debates have raged for years on exactly what should be done. The fact is, everyone can do something, no matter how small - and with Earth Day, now would be the perfect time.

Green gasoline may become a reality

Jessica Hager April 16, 2008
As the price of gasoline soars to new heights, one can't help but wonder if that ever-present phrase "energy independence" is an actual possibility or some fairy tale that politicians throw out in order to gain supporters. Certain technologies, like the creation of biodiesel made from corn or soy, were at first hailed as cutting-edge solutions to our addiction to fossil fuels.

Get the Matador Buzz raises awareness on drunken driving

Jessica Hager April 11, 2008
CSUN students had the chance to experience the effects and consequences of alcohol abuse Tuesday during Get The Matador Buzz, an event that included the Save A Life Tour drunk-driving simulator. The simulator, an interactive tool that cost $2.5 million to build, is shaped like the interior of a car and allows students to navigate roads on a large computerized screen as the device mimics the effects that alcohol consumption has on driving ability.

Tibet creates bad reputation for China

Jessica Hager April 11, 2008
As China gets ready to take its place on the 'world's stage' for the summer 2008 Olympics in Beijing, controversy continues to swirl around the country and some of it's policies. It was reported Wednesday that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution asking China to end the crackdown on the Tibetan people and to end other human rights and environmental abuses.

Students can experience drunk driving simulator

Jessica Hager April 5, 2008
A national tour that travels across the country with the aim of educating students on the dangers of alcohol abuse and drunk driving will be on campus tomorrow. The Save A Life Tour travels to campuses across the U.S. and provides a high-tech drunk driving simulator and information on alcohol abuse to students.

MIC offers Life Skills courses

Jessica Hager April 2, 2008
In an effort to enhance the learning experience at CSUN, the Leadership Institute, located in the Matador Involvement Center, is offering free courses and lectures through a program called Life Skills. Life Skills is collaboration between the University Student Union and MIC, and presents monthly courses, lectures and seminars with keynote speakers and professionals from different fields.

Students awarded for volunteer work

Jessica Hager April 2, 2008
A CSUN student has organized over eight projects within the past six months that have benefited a segment of the campus community, and he hopes to reach out to more people in search of his specific message. Joe Gurney, a senior majoring in recreation and tourism management, is the CSUN chapter president of Colleges Against Cancer, an organization in partnership with the American Cancer Society.
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