The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Audible Aura rocks the Roxy with style

Jillian Ballard May 15, 2007

Imagine being a teenager going to New York City for the first time, and the only thing you can remember is seeing a girl overdosing, possibly on heroin, at the counter of a store called "Funhouse." Fast-forward...

English 436: Rape your alma-mater

Jillian Ballard April 30, 2007

When English professor Joseph Thomas got back to his car on Monday he was pleasantly surprised to find his green Mini Cooper, located in Lot B-2, covered with Post-it notes. His car gained a lot of attention...

Unexpected encounters sometimes lead to soulmates

Jillian Ballard April 18, 2007

Do you believe in soul mates? I met my boyfriend 5 years ago in the Dominican Republic on vacation. Before we met I was a pessimistic lover. Similar to most people, I thought that love didn't exist and...

Valentine’s Day is about showing love

Jillian Ballard February 14, 2007

Many people have marked Valentine's Day as a "Hallmark Holiday" but if you're in a committed relationship you're expected to celebrate this romantic holiday. Although you should show your significant...

Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam gets a facelift

Jillian Ballard February 12, 2007

All CSUN students must take the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam in order to graduate. Students are eligible to take the exam after completing a total of 56 semester units and after completing the...

Myths and tricks of the mind: Urban legends of today

Jillian Ballard December 15, 2006

Originally Published October 26, 2006 Do you happen to look through the window in your back seat before you get in to make sure no one's there? What about not warning someone if their lights are off by...

Web site offers low cost way to trade CDs

Jillian Ballard November 30, 2006 is a new online music site that allows members to legally trade CDs for $1, and become DJs (for free) by creating custom radio stations for anyone to listen to. offers students on a tight...

Language center beneficial for eager learners

Jillian Ballard November 14, 2006

When Zsuzsanna Burger waved goodbye to her family and friends eight years ago, at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport in Hungary, she was not afraid to leave home. Her main goal for coming to the United...

Integrated teaching program links new teachers with local students

Jillian Ballard November 13, 2006

The Integrated Teacher Education Program-Freshman Option is a teacher preparation program designed for entering freshmen who plan to earn a B.A. and a Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential. All coursework...

U.S. in need of math and science teachers

Jillian Ballard November 13, 2006

The United States is in desperate need of qualified math and science teachers for high schools across the nation, according to a report by the California Council on Science and Technology. The report...

Oviatt Library’s art exhibit emphasizes work of illustrators

Jillian Ballard November 9, 2006

Remarkable Impressions" is an exhibit from the Oviatt Library's collections devoted to the legacy of the great illustrators of the 18th and 19th centuries. The exhibit will be on display until Dec. 22,...

Rudeness in class remains a problem

Jillian Ballard October 31, 2006

In recent years, students have become more rude in the classroom. The question is why. Paying attention in class has become harder for students due to new technology. Students cannot seem to break away...

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