The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

People join for salary increase protest and hold up signs that say, never give up the fight for justice. California faculty association

Professors content with salary increase but say more can be done

Joanna Bautista November 30, 2016
Both students and professors express mixed feelings about salary increase.
Student pictured drawing realistic portrait

CSUN art students are making money from their work

Joanna Bautista November 19, 2016
Art students worry about financial stability in their chosen field.
Photo shows speaker addressing students in classroom

Workshop informs Latinx students about mental health

Joanna Bautista November 16, 2016
Blues Project graduate assistant, Abraham Ambriz, speaks about mental health in the Latinx community.
Photo shows sustainable lifestyles banner in front of event at CSUN

Matadors learn to live a sustainable lifestyle

Joanna Bautista November 15, 2016
A.S. Sustainable Committee informs students on living a sustainable lifestyle and how they can do their part for the planet
A group of people pose with signs that say, yes on M

Endorsing propositions on campus

Joanna Bautista November 7, 2016
A.S. endorses propositions that will impact students.
Students shown alongside sexual violence poster

Is Student Online Training Effective?

Joanna Bautista November 5, 2016
Students react to new mandatory online training on sexual misconduct.
Photo shows several small paintings displayed on table

The 2nd Annual Science, Race and Racism Conference combines science and art

Joanna Bautista November 2, 2016

The second annual Science, Race and Racism Conference held on Wednesday incorporated art and science to inform students about overcoming racism in the biomedical field, according to Build Promoting Opportunities...

Inside of haunted house looks incredibly dirty with a muddy bathroom and some lockers that show a red number 17

Ghost Stories and the Supernatural

Joanna Bautista October 24, 2016
Scary stories serve a higher purpose than just cheap spooks.
Photo shows native american woman wearing headress at St. Peters

Columbus Day From a Different Perspective

Joanna Bautista October 10, 2016
Professors want change in the way students are taught about Christopher Columbus.
Clinton speaks at presidential debate

Monday News Wrap

Joanna Bautista September 26, 2016

Local Around 8 a.m., a chase in San Bernardino led to a standoff with a chase suspect who was later taken into custody. According to officials, the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle through Southern...

Syrian refugees pictured sleeping on the streets

Monday news wrap-up

Joanna Bautista September 19, 2016

Local Today, police arrested the man responsible for a hit-and-run that killed a man in a wheelchair on Sunday night in Pomona. An anonymous witness gave officers information on the driver who was later...

illustration shows one hand grabbing another

Safe spaces and trigger warnings at CSUN

Joanna Bautista September 16, 2016
CSUN continues safe space and trigger warnings, despite discontinuations at other universities
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