Matadors learn to live a sustainable lifestyle


The first sustainable living event hosted by Associated Students Sustainability Committee on Nov. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event covered Matador Square with booths where students can learn more about living a sustainable lifestyle. Photo credit: Vanessa Saenz

Joanna Bautista

CSUN students and faculty had the opportunity to learn about sustainable living at the “Matadors for Sustainable Living” event held in Matador Square today, hosted by Associated Students (A.S.).

According to Cassandra Kopelson, a member of the A.S. Sustainability Committee, the campus has many events, workshops, and programs, such as The Sustainable Office Program, that informs students about sustainability.

“The goal for us is to promote sustainable lifestyles,” Kopelson said.

Kopelson said she wants students to think about their actions and how they can make better choices for a more sustainable life.

Kiana Lucerb, the project coordinator for Institute for Sustainability, said the institute works on greening efforts on campus. She also said the Institute for Sustainability offers a minor and G.E. classes for students to get more information.

“I think it’s important to promote sustainability in general because it’s a building factor for our future,” Lucerb said.

According to Kopelson, the A.S. Sustainability Committee as a whole aims to teach students real life tools to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Students at the event shared their thoughts and how they promote sustainability.

Jocelyne Davila, a liberal studies major, said she does her best to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

“I do recycle whenever I have water bottles I usually put them in those bins,” Davila said. “I like this event, it’s very green.”

Lizeth Cruz, a sociology major, said she likes how empowering and informative the event was.

“The one thing students should take away from the event is taking that extra second or minute to think about what they’re doing,” Kopelson said.