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Science professor Duane Doty given mentoring award

Kantreal Daniels

December 14, 2006

This year's Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award was given to CSUN physics and astronomy professor Duane Doty because of the positive impact he has had on students during his 40-year career at CSUN. A humbled Doty was surprised upon receiving the award. Doty relates to students by applying what he t...

CSUN second in U.S. for hosting foreign students

Kantreal Daniels

December 11, 2006

The increased enrollment of international students has placed CSUN in "second place among U.S. master's level institutions hosting students from foreign countries," according to an Open Door 2006 annual report. For the 2005-06 school year, there were 1,693 international students enrolled at CSUN. The...

Music therapy helps the distressed

Kantreal Daniels

December 6, 2006

Music therapy, a course offered at CSUN, helps people who have suffered from physical, emotional and intellectual distress. The Musical Therapy Wellness Clinic has four therapists brought to the CSUN campus to reach those who seek therapy. "People hear about our clinic through either word of mouth or...

Desert world explored

Kantreal Daniels

November 22, 2006

The California State University system has developed a program that allows students to participate in the examination of the desert environment. The 30-year-old Desert Studies Center, which covers 1,280 acres of land, runs courses through the College of Extended Learning at San Bernardino. Although ...

Debate continues on laptops vs. desktops

Kantreal Daniels

November 22, 2006

It seems as though desktop computers, which have been in production since the 1980s, are becoming a thing of the past. "I see more people coming in the store and buying laptop computers vs. desktop computers," said Kahn, an employee at Circuit City. Just by observation on campus, it is evident that ...

Pow wow raises awareness of Native American veterans

Kantreal Daniels

November 16, 2006

The American Indian Student Association at CSUN honored Indigenous Awareness Month by having a pow wow during Veteran's Day weekend, about two weeks after Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante announced that November will now be recognized as American Indian Heritage Month in California. A pow wow is a community...

Ageism grows as Boomers retire

Kantreal Daniels

November 13, 2006

Ageism is a little known phenomenon that is becoming more of an issue as baby boomers grow older experts say. Those same experts state that though elderly are a rapidly growing segment of the population, their needs and troubles often go unnoticed. "Ageism is the biggest problem in society," said C...

CSUN Model United Nations delegates win big

Kantreal Daniels

November 6, 2006

CSUN's Model United Nations delegates took home nine out of 17 awards at this year's California Model United Nations conference Oct. 21. The Pan American Model United Nations hosted the California Model United Nations at The Clarion Hotel in Anaheim for the one-day conference. Nineteen various colleges...

Solicitors allowed only in some CSUN areas

Kantreal Daniels

October 24, 2006

Walking to the Matador Bookstore to go to Freudian Sip can sometimes be annoying when people are standing in your way trying to get you to join this or donate money for that. Sometimes, walking to class and passing through Sierra Quad can be a difficult task when there are groups trying to get your at...

New lecture series set to debut Monday

Kantreal Daniels

October 19, 2006

The University Student Union Plaza del Sol Performance Hall will hold the first lecture of the "Speak Your Mind" series, a platform for speakers to come to the university and address national and global concerns. The lecture series, set to begin Oct. 23, "is the debut of a major event at the unive...

Club spreads awareness of Ramadan

Kantreal Daniels

October 3, 2006

When the sun sets after a full day of fasting, members of the Muslim community break the fast with Iftar. From 5:20 a.m. to 6:50 p.m., those who participate in the month of Ramadan are fasting not only by not eating and drinking, but also by not committing any other sins such as lying or cheating. Th...

Plant to be finished by year’s end

Kantreal Daniels

September 20, 2006

Construction on a new fuel cell power plant at CSUN is scheduled for completion by December 2006, said Tim Brown, director of Physical Plant Management. The production of the 1-megawatt power plant began in late spring 2006, Brown said. Initially the plant was planned for completion by January 2007,...

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