The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

A student, cousin collect toys for hospitalized kids

Katie Dibene December 6, 2007
A CSUN freshman has started an organization dedicated to bringing toys to sick children at Children's Hospital. Eighteen-year-old CSUN freshman Erin Timperley created the organization Give to Others in 2000. Timperley's own brother went through cancer treatment and she saw how the stays in the hospital that lasted for long periods of time affected him.

Symposium helps students with presentation skills

Katie Dibene December 6, 2007
Graduates and undergraduates displayed their research presentations at the 12th annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium held on Friday in the University Student Union's Grand Salon. Students had the choice to present an oral or poster board presentation about research that was completed within different academic fields.

Bonds should pay, but his popularity makes it difficult

Katie Dibene December 3, 2007
Barry Bonds could be facing jail time after being indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, after lying to a federal grand jury about the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The courts ordered an investigation of Bonds and other athletes in December of 2003.

Students try to improve hip-hop’s image

Katie Dibene November 27, 2007
CSUN's Hip Hop Think Tank is a student-based organization on campus devoted to educating the public about the positive influence and importance that hip-hop can have on the community. The HHTT focuses on bringing an academic view of hip-hop to students and the community.

Punishing a child for fires is difficult

Katie Dibene November 19, 2007
This past week officials have decided that no criminal charges would be filed against the 9-year-old boy who started the Buckweed fire in Santa Clarita last month; the decision came after further investigation showed that the boy did not intentionally start the fire.

Few A.S. officers attend DREAM Act talk

Katie Dibene November 5, 2007
Only the Associated Students president and two senators attended a discussion about the state and federal DREAM acts, which would've provided more opportunities for undocumented students. Senior Chicana/o studies major Lizbeth Mateo helped coordinate the discussion in order to inform A.

Governor’s veto may result in sexual disease through state

Katie Dibene October 31, 2007
On Oct. 14, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a number of bills, including Assembly Bill 1334, which would provide condoms for prison inmates to reduce the increase in HIV. Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill, but'll allow a pilot program to be established in one of the federal prisons.

New research adds to the bottled vs. tap water debate

Katie Dibene October 29, 2007
Bottled water has become a billion-dollar industry in the past five years, but research shows that tap water may be a more reliable way to quench thirst. ?Throughout America there has been a surge in the consumption of bottled water. Many out there reach for bottled water as a safer source of water as opposed to tap water.

Writer’s strike might be good for viewers

Katie Dibene October 25, 2007
For the first time since 1988 the Hollywood writers union has been authorized to go on strike, a decision fueled by the lack of proper residuals given to the writers from DVD and internet sales. Authorization to strike was determined in a vote cast by the Writers Guild of America last Thursday.

Professors liken Iraq to Vietnam

Katie Dibene October 22, 2007
A comparison of the Vietnam and Iraq wars was held Oct. 17 at the Oviatt library and included discussion about the importance of understanding past mistakes made in war. ????The seminar discussion was headed by presentations from three CSUN professors, Associate Professor of political science James Mitchell, Associate Professor of mathematics David Klein and retired Associate Professor of history Ronald Schaffer.

Chemical in everyday plastics may be toxic

Katie Dibene October 17, 2007
Babies sucking pacifiers, athletes drinking from water bottles and sick people heating soup cans could be putting a chemical that may cause reproductive harm, cancer and nerve damage in their mouths. Bisphenol A is a chemical compound commonly used to increase the durability of plastics.

High school journalists to compete this

Katie Dibene October 11, 2007
More than 150 high school students will be at CSUN on Saturday to compete in the 13th Annual High School Journalism Workshop ' Writing/Photo Competitions, an event cosponsored by the Los Angeles Times and the CSUN Department of Journalism. High school journalism students throughout the San Fernando Valley come to the event every year to compete in different events for prizes and a chance to improve their journalistic skills.
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