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Latinx Playlist

Kayla Fernandez

November 25, 2019

"Frío" - Omar ApolloSubmitted by: @tyewrite This track is Apollo’s first song written entirely in Spanish. When he was back in his hometown for his brother’s wedding, he was making up beats in the attic he used to live in. From his interview with NME magazine, Apollo stated, “O...

The Growlers Live at Beach Goth

A male singer

Kayla Fernandez

November 18, 2019

Growing up in Southern California and being a huge fan of alternative music, I have always been a fan of the Beach Goth lineups of the past eight years. I never had the chance to attend any of them, but I was excited to finally have a chance to experience the hyped-up production.This was the first year that t...

Backmasking: Demonic Subliminal Messages in Music, A Sundial Curated Playlist

CSUN Playlist

Kayla Fernandez

October 28, 2019

Motörhead - "Nightmare/The Dreamtime"Many people have associated Motörhead’s music with the devil and selling your soul. At first, it is quite a laugh because it is simply music, but when this song is played in reverse you might second guess yourself. Played forwards it sounds like an ange...

A Night with Night Moves: Live at The Echo

A guitar player

Kayla Fernandez

October 27, 2019

Do not get Night Moves confused for a Bob Seger tribute band, they are far from it. Night Moves is best described as a '70s band brought into the future, creating warm and soothing melodies for people to swoon over. Singer John Pelant’s strong harmonious vocals pull you in, the same way you wo...

Sports References in Hip-Hop: A Sundial Curated Playlist

Kayla Fernandez

October 7, 2019

Rappers have spit bars on money, drugs, violence, girls and sports. The MCs have dropped references to sports stars out of admiration of their memorable plays in the field. Other times rappers diss sports players, highlighting the downfalls in their career. The music world tends to have a sport-like na...

Jammin’ to Class: A Student-Curated Playlist

A calendar advertisement

Kayla Fernandez

September 26, 2019

If you saw our post on our Instagram Story last Monday you probably saw that we asked students what songs they jam out to on their way to class. This is a playlist for students and by students and it's open for anyone to add their songs! Here, we've only gathered some of the first contributions we go...

A Surfing Night at the Lodge Room

Two men

Kayla Fernandez

September 20, 2019

On Sept. 7, Melbourne-based synthwave duo dropped their fourth studio album, "Emotion." Surfing is the project of Penny Van Hazelberg and Leroy Honeycomb, together they make glistening nostalgic synth tunes. If you’re looking for a new indie band, definitely check out Surfing. To celebrate this ex...

Sounds from the Valley: A Sundial Curated Playlist

A student playing saxophone

Kayla Fernandez

September 4, 2019

Since the 1950s the Valley has been home to pioneering musicians like Ritchie Valens, and its southern hills and streets have given inspiration to ’70s musicians like Frank Zappa and Tom Petty.To this day, the Valley is home to a new generation of musicians looking to break into the LA music sce...

Artist Protest: A Sundial Curated Playlist

Kayla Fernandez

August 27, 2019

Check out our curated playlist on Spotify with 10 classic and contemporary songs of our time from rappers, folk singers and rock bands who have all utilized the power of music and words to create social and environmental awareness. Enjoy! "Love It If We Made It" by The 1975 The 1975 are no strangers when it comes to speaking up about politi...

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