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Jammin’ to Class: A Student-Curated Playlist

Photo credit: Sarah Hofstedt

If you saw our post on our Instagram Story last Monday you probably saw that we asked students what songs they jam out to on their way to class. This is a playlist for students and by students and it’s open for anyone to add their songs! Here, we’ve only gathered some of the first contributions we got through our IG Story. What songs do you jam out to on your way to class?

“My Shot” by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Submitted by: @eilselea

Kicking off this playlist with an energetic number from the musical “Hamilton,” this track is perfect to start your day on a good note. It’s all about boosting your confidence and showing yourself that you have everything to make it to the top. Even though the track is set in the time of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton’s life, you can easily see yourself in the lyrics. Life is constantly putting you through changes and obstacles, especially during the time of being a college student.

“Boombayah” by BLACKPINK

Submitted by:

Queens of KPOP, BLACKPINK created the ultimate female domination anthem. Girls run the world and that’s exactly what the KPOP group wants you to know. Singing about how edgy, hot and powerful they are, it is clear to see they do not need any man. They are self-made, strong independent women described in one song. Having a rough day? Blast this track while walking to class to remind yourself how wicked you are.

“Can’t C Me” by 2Pac

Submitted by: @griffin_nick_

As we all know, 2Pac is known for creating rap songs that make you want to throw a massive rager and jam with your friends or contemplate your life. With this specific tune, it’s definitely something you need to add to your playlist when things are trying to tear you down. “Trust no one” is the main theme of the track. The only way to see yourself thrive is you making the power moves and being humble.

“Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan

Submitted by: @jordanmarji25

Spitting truth and fire, Wu-Tang is no stranger to dropping verses that shake the masses. Boasting about their fortune and fame, members of the group rap about how they earned their glory. Group member RZA calls himself the Osiris of the rap world and Method Man talks about how his clan will spread like germs and will increase by the numbers with no sign of slowing down. The title is self-explanatory, to reach triumph you have to play the role correctly and fulfill your purpose.

“Space and Time” by AJJ

Submitted by: @_cassihernandez_

We have all been caught in daydreams and fantasies, spacing out and dreaming of what could be. Then we get hit in the face with a wake up call to live in the real world day by day waiting for our dreams to come true. The long process shouldn’t give us a reason to steer away from them, it should instead push us harder to keep dreaming until we’ve reached the top.

“Cruisin’ to the Park” by Durand Jones and The Indications

Submitted by: @kashiuus

Not in the mood to listen to the loud and upbeat tracks listed above? Durand Jones is a new artist that is perfect to chill out to. Even though this mellow funk jam was released this year, it feels like a blast from the past giving off Smokey Robinson vibes and possible influences from bands like The Miracles and The Delfonics. A sweet soulful track perfect for sitting in the park on a warm sunny day or chilling on the Oviatt lawn between classes.


Submitted by: @its_sail

Popular rap group BROCKHAMPTON is on the rise and quickly landing a spot at the top of the charts. With their well planned out visual concepts and being vocal about social issues, they are gaining a huge number of fans. Most well-known member Kevin Abstract comes from Waco, Texas. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career with the band was a big step. The artist didn’t mind moving to a different state because he felt displaced in his own hometown. At the end of the day, he doesn’t care as long as he has his friends next to him and getting the support he needs while on the road to success.

“King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar

Submitted by: @its_sail

Probably one of the most beloved rappers in modern music, Lamar is notorious for rapping about major issues in our society. Throughout the track, he is claiming his authenticity compared to other rappers he disses. He climbed to the top of the game and dominates the rap scene making big money moves and attaining power. His skilled musicianship has gotten him to where he is at now and he is not afraid to call out on his own friends trying to cling to his success when a couple of years ago they wouldn’t give him the time of day.

“Losing My Edge” by LCD Soundsystem

Submitted by: Assistant A&E Editor Kayla Fernandez

Early alternative 2000s pioneer’s LCD Soundsystem draw in their audience with funky synth sounds and humorous yet honest lyrics. Frontman James Murphy has developed a fear of losing coolness points to up and coming artists who are bigger and better. This song is the epitome of the classic obnoxious hipster quote, “I liked this before it was cool.” Murphy pokes fun at all the big movements of music and trying to prove to others that he knows everything that labels him as “cool” and “edgy.” Deep down, it’s just being conformist under the appearance of making an unnecessary effort to be nonchalant and unique.

“Fading” by Toro Y Moi

Submitted by: Assistant A&E Editor Kayla Fernandez

Indie electro-pop mastermind Toro y Moi placed this song as the opening track for his latest album “Outer Peace.” “Fading” highlights the struggles of everything good in your life fading away but trying to keep faith to hold everything together. It seems like Toro y Moi is directing this track to a specific someone, trying to form words for his unexplainable feelings for them. He senses that this certain someone is fading and he can’t make them stay even if he tried. It’s a chillwave track that makes you want to jump and dance around but also pulls at your heartstrings because of the heartbreak that you’ve experienced at least once in your lifetime.

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