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Illustration by Jae Kitinoja/Illustrator

It’s OK to apologize for a graduation mess-up

Luis Rivas May 8, 2014

After years — on and off a total of 13 — I finally did it. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a university. The first in my family to do so, although my brother technically beat me to...

Illustration by Luis Rivas/Senior Staff

Hip-hop is resistance against the inequalities in society

Luis Rivas April 2, 2014

When I tell people that hip-hop can save the world, I am usually met with confused looks, blank stares or people rolling their eyes. But it’s true. Hip-hop can fight against racism, sexism and other...

Illustration by Juana Martinez/Contributor

America is not the moral beacon of the world

Luis Rivas February 18, 2014

When President Obama expressed concern over the plan of Ugandan President Yoweri Museven to pass a law which criminalizes lesbian, gay, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) communities, perhaps he was...

Everything I learned was wrong

Everything I learned was wrong

Luis Rivas December 10, 2013

In the newsroom at the Daily Sundial we often talk about the concepts of balance and objectivity. Reporters and editors have always shared opposing arguments. Our stories are an extension of this discourse....

African-American enrollment drops

African-American enrollment drops

Luis Rivas December 3, 2013

Dawaun Lucas, 21, an African-American senior majoring in marketing and finance, and also a member of the Black Student Union (BSU) and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., has noticed the low numbers of African-Americans...

Enroll in college and dont ever enlist in the service

Enroll in college and don’t ever enlist in the service

Luis Rivas November 11, 2013

For this Veteran’s Day, I’d like to encourage everyone to honor the memory of fallen service men and women of this country by lighting the American flag on fire and burning down military recruitment...

American amnesia may lead to war with Syria

American amnesia may lead to war with Syria

Luis Rivas September 4, 2013

President Obama just recently announced that he is seeking congressional approval for a military strike against Syria. This time though really guys, he said, it’s gonna be different. Like, seriously. More...

Obama is not a sign that racism is gone

Obama is not a sign that racism is gone

Luis Rivas August 28, 2013

In commemorating the 50th anniversary March on Washington on Aug. 28, the role that race plays in the U.S. has come back into the spotlight. But, really, it never left. Many might like to think that...

CSUN student rushed to hospital after alleged overdose

CSUN student rushed to hospital after alleged overdose

Luis Rivas May 22, 2013

At approximately 5:30 p.m. yesterday a CSUN student allegedly overdosed on sleeping pills according to witnesses. The incident took place on the second floor of the B3 parking structure on the southeast...

Inspired seniors celebrate during 2013 Aztlan Graduation

Luis Rivas May 19, 2013

Adjacent to the Chicano House on the northeast side of campus, graduating seniors, families and professors gathered for the Spring 2013 Aztlan Graduation Ceremony on May 18. This year’s theme was...

Barber shop LA City Clips in Boyle Heights thrives

Barber shop LA City Clips in Boyle Heights thrives

Luis Rivas April 29, 2013

Starting a business takes courage, creativity and an understanding of market saturation. But Alonso Romo, 26, was only motivated by two things: he wanted to cut hair and not have a boss. He opened...

Illustration by Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea / Senior Illustrator

Confessions of a former strip club manager

Luis Rivas April 28, 2013

When I tell people that I worked at a strip club, the response is usually predictable and uniformed: “How cool, how awesome, how great it must have been working there, seeing tits and asses all day long.” They’re...

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