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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Religious confusion leads to religious war

Maliha Jafri December 6, 2007
Religion is always a very touchy topic whether a person considers him or herself religious or not. Throughout history, wars are fought in the name of religion. ?Every religion says it is the correct one or the superior one. What everyone forgets is that all religions, or at lest the one that I know of, have the same core value.

Birth control prices rise in wake of deficit reduction act

Maliha Jafri December 6, 2007
Birth control prices are on the rise, doubling, tripling or even going five times higher. The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 went into effect January 2007, and has eliminated most discounts for campus and low-income health centers. "This has a big impact on women and their way of life," said June Kwon, 20, a women's studies major and Women's Studies Student Association (WSSA) president.

A little bit of history Hallmark didn’t tell you

Maliha Jafri December 6, 2007
Most holidays these days are so hyped by the marketing companies that they sometimes loose their meaning. Christmas is come up and what do we think of? Candy canes, Christmas trees, gifts, expenses, holiday parties, red and white, Santa, family, etc. A lot of things we do out of habit or tradition but what does it really mean? Candy Canes Someone took an existing form of candy, which was a white stick of sugar candy, and made a bent version of it representing a shepherds crook.

CSUN scientist pioneers methanogen research

Maliha Jafri December 5, 2007
Who says biologists only like to sit in their labs doing research? The theory proves wrong with CSUN's Larry Baresi, a Northridge resident who enjoys cooking, making wines, riding his bike, hiking, traveling and, of course, working with his methanogens. Methanogens are types of archaea bacteria that can produce methane from the decomposition of organic material.

Immigration can’t stop, since U.S. labor force needs to grow

Maliha Jafri December 4, 2007
Immigration, protection of the United States' borders and the labor force share a wound that has yet to heal. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani attacked each other in the recent debate on the issue of illegal immigration. Romney accused Giuliani of allowing his city to become a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants.

A.S. denies request to repeat elections

Maliha Jafri November 19, 2007
Associated Students elections committee members decided to not again conduct senatorial elections and to keep promotional materials clear of polling areas for future elections after much deliberation behind closed doors on Wednesday. Elections committee members held two hearings followed by deliberations to address complaints that ballots were misleading and that a campaign flier was left next to the ballot box Marcos Zamora, 22, who represented the Movement to Organize for Rights and Education for Students slate, also know as the MORE for Students slate, filed the complaint regarding the ballot that was allegedly misleading.

California health care bill pending before Senate

Maliha Jafri September 12, 2007
Americans are spending an increasing amount of their salaries on health care and are receiving less for their money, forcing millions of people to live without insurance and file for bankruptcy, government figures show. Senate Bill 840, introduced by California Sen.

Muslim students share what 9/11 means to them

Maliha Jafri September 11, 2007
On 9/11, hijackers crashed two airliners, the United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11, into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the George W. Bush administration declared a war on terrorism.

Starbucks passes buck on to students

Maliha Jafri August 24, 2007
Starbucks prices are being hiked once again and consumers' pockets are taking a hit. As of July 31, Starbucks prices have increased for the second time in less than a year. The cost of a 12-ounce "tall" latte used to range from $2.45 to $3.15, depending on the location.

Clearing the name of Hijab in the name of Islam

Maliha Jafri December 15, 2006
Originally Published Sept. 11, 2006 A few weeks after 9/11 a couple was taking a walk after dinner in downtown Los Angeles when a man came out of nowhere. He put his revolver up to the seven-month pregnant woman's stomach and shot her. Her husband pleaded and offered the man his wallet and his wife's jewelry but it was already too late.

Of a walk across the road . . .

Maliha Jafri December 15, 2006
Originally Published Sept. 7, 2006 We decided it was time we had nice fish fries and curry for lunch that afternoon and so we started on our quest. The air conditioner in the car wheezed, unsuccessfully trying to suck out all that heat from within. It was when I was adjusting the vent of the AC that I saw her, an old lady not more than a little bundle of bones, sitting at a very busy intersection reaching out to the sea of people walking around her in a silent plea to help her cross the road.

It is that time of year again, application deadlines

Maliha Jafri November 22, 2006
As the rest of the family ate turkey, others hope that Thursday, Nov. 30 would be farther away. The deadline for transferring students and those applying for grad school is around the corner and a lot of procrastinating students will be stressing at the last minute, or at least they should be.
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