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Editorial: New semester, old problems

The need to take student's lives into consideration during a school shooting threat

Review of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

"Bandersnatch" offers a re-hashing that people have less free will than they believe
people mourning

Former CSUN student opens fire in Thousand Oaks bar

The victims of the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting include college students and a Ventura County police officer.
students protesting

Students walk out of meeting with CSU chancellor

Student protesters read a list of demands before walking out of a panel discussion with CSU Chancellor Timothy White.
student protesters in front of library

Students protest and demand resignations

Student protesters led a group of over 200 students and faculty in a campus-wide walkout.
Trina, a young woman with black hair and glasses sits in front of a colorful abstract painting

Trina Teoh, renegade writer, on her debut book of poetry

Trina Teoh, poetess and CSUN alumni, opens up about her unique form of marketing through the visual arts and her self-published book, "Valley Deep Into You."
illustration shows a giant man walking in a city to depict gentrification

Editorial: CSUN, or where the foot of gentrification treads

What we talk about when we talk about gentrification.
Dede and Liz pictured talking in the newsroom

Editors-in-chief reflect upon the past and future

Elizabeth Vazquez and Dede Ogbueze speak about what they have learned and will accomplish in the future for The Sundial.
people protest union rights in front of the oviatt library

CSUEU members rally for workers’ rights

Members of the California State University Employees Union rallied to promote rights for workers
students gather to talk about border patrol

Editorial: putting out the flames of fear

Can the decision to create a separate career event for law-enforcement be viewed as a success?
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