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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Getting through finals week

Megan McFadden May 7, 2008
I have been sitting at my desk for what feels like 48 hours staring at my computer screen. I leave only for bathroom breaks, to shove food in my mouth or to refill my caffeine fix. I have research papers, presentations and finals on my mind. I am a perfect example of what not to do as a student at the end of a semester.

Summer fun in L.A. for under $20

Megan McFadden May 1, 2008
Sixteen weeks have flown by once again and we find ourselves at the brim of summer break. Though we are not quite at the end, there is no reason why we can't think about making plans. So here are some suggestions and tips to do for the next three months without school.

Sex, scandal and Marilyn Monroe

Megan McFadden April 16, 2008
Nearly 50 years after her death, the 1950s glamour queen, Marilyn Monroe, is still making scandalous headlines. The infamous voluptuous blonde made the mistake a few other 21st century blondes have and allegedly videotaped her sexual escapades. The difference? Marilyn's home video is suspected to be with a Kennedy brother and the video sold for $1.

Petition topics getting hotter

Megan McFadden April 16, 2008
You have probably been told sometime in your life to read everything you sign. But, if you have ever parked in parking structure B3, you probably have not heeded this advice. The parking structure is one of the favorite spots for off-campus individuals to gather signatures from students.

Employees charging it to the govt.’s bill

Megan McFadden April 9, 2008
Ever wonder where your tax dollars go? Well over the last several years it may have paid for a federal employee's dinner at Ruth Chris or maybe a pair of earrings for an anniversary gift or even a new suit. The Associated Press broke a story yesterday that reports the Government Accountability Office found that nearly half of the $14 billion government credit card purchases made from 2005 to 2006 were not legitimate or did not follow procedures.

Caltech professor discusses the rise

Megan McFadden April 8, 2008
The man who discovered the one-time 10th planet explained why his planet and Pluto are no longer labeled as planets in a lecture at the Oviatt Library Presentation Room last Wednesday. In a humorous manner, Caltech professor Mike Brown discussed the history of Pluto and his discovery of the proposed 10th planet, Eris, before both planets were deemed "dwarf planets.

Time to vote between old and new

Megan McFadden April 8, 2008
This week students will be asked to vote between two slates and two men to lead the student body. Will we choose the tried and true or the young and new? Current A.S. President Adam Haverstock is asking students to re-elect him based on his accomplishments of his first term.

We’ve got the right stuff: Cash to spend

Megan McFadden April 5, 2008
New Kids on the Block confirmed their proposed reunion tour Friday on The Today Show and confirmed all my childhood dreams of being able to attend a NKOTB concert. I am as giddy as the six-year-old sitting in front of the television in 1989 watching the "Hangin' Tough Live" concert on pay-per-view.

Cesar Chavez Day can’t be moved

Megan McFadden April 2, 2008
While I was lying out at the beach on Monday enjoying our day off to observe Cesar Chavez Day, it occurred to me that we rarely, if ever, receive a day off from school. In fact, just a month and half earlier all my friends were off from work for President's Day while I dashed off to school.

The corporate world merges smaller

Megan McFadden March 25, 2008
Six years ago I had a professor who told my class that big businesses would become America's first-class citizen and the people would come second. Yesterday, when the Justice Department approved the merger between the two satellite radio companies who dominate the satellite radio industry - Sirius and XM - my professor's foresight seemed to take a step closer to reality.

‘Gunman’ only raises questions

Megan McFadden March 15, 2008
It has been over a week since we found out about the "gunman" on campus and hopefully some dust has settled. It is amazing how quickly everyone went into panic mode. The majority of students' reactions I have heard involved people automatically assuming or thinking "what if?" What if the guy with a gun started shooting randomly? What if it turned into a Virginia Tech? What if he went into other dorm rooms? What if? I, however, am consumed with: What if it had happened in off-campus housing? Would the guy with a gun who was looking for a particular individual still be labeled as a "gunman.

A week off to do as you please

Megan McFadden March 13, 2008
For many of us our spring break will not mean a week in Europe or five nights in Cancun. Rather, for most of us spring break means working a few extra hours to earn some extra cash. Lucky for us, in the fabulous location we live in, there is still plenty for us to do.
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