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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Students without healthcare

Mercedes Aguilar May 3, 2009

Being left with no choice but to wear a halo brace for three months was not on Mary Ann Yezadzhyan's mind when she was driving on Victory Boulevard headed towards CSUN.

A student’s academic goal surpass economic woes

Mercedes Aguilar April 1, 2009

Life changes you. An unexpected event and what follows can transform a college student from a carefree spending machine to a conscious and humble human being.

A.S. recommends $6.7 million for annual budget

Mercedes Aguilar May 6, 2008
The Associated Students Senate approved a $6.7 million annual budget for the 2008-2009 academic year after debating over 35 amendments during a six-hour meeting on April 29, followed by a continuation meeting on May 1. The annual budget was calculated assuming a total student population of 33,750 for both the fall and spring semesters, with a fee of $76 per student, and 6,000 students for summer with a fee of $44 per student.

A.S. votes to support DREAM Act resolutions

Mercedes Aguilar May 2, 2008
The Associated Students Senate approved two DREAM Act resolutions, with 13 votes in favor, two oppositions and one abstention. Bills AB 2083 and SB 1301 "would allow eligibility to institutional financial aid to students that are California state residents that qualify for AB 540 status," as stated in the bills.

Comedian brings light to clinical depression

Mercedes Aguilar April 30, 2008
A former standup comedian diagnosed with clinical depression performed an act showing his 20-year struggle with depression in a humorous lecture on April 24. Brian Wetzel, who has opened for comedian George Lopez, shared his autobiographical one-man show with students at the West Valley Room at the University Student Union.

Vote recount results in a tiebreaker

Mercedes Aguilar April 22, 2008
The tie in the Associated Students elections has changed after a recount was held on April 17, resulting in a score of 805-811, making Adam Haverstock and Alex Shahin the winners. However, Haverstock and Shahin had to file a judicial complaint after the six votes in favor of Miguel Segura, candidate for the E3 slate, and another nine votes, were deemed as "questionable" or "controversial," said Mazen Hafez, the elections committee director.

Argument ensues at talk with former Black Panthers

Mercedes Aguilar April 16, 2008
A student discussion event featuring two former Black Panther members turned into a diverted argument between two students in the audience at the University Student Union Theater during a question and answer portion on Monday. Ray Boudreaux and Henry (Hank) Jones, former members of Black Panthers, were speaking about human rights issues when a Caucasian student and black female student switched the context of the conversation into a heated debate concerning immigration, race and human rights.

Online voting canceled, 232 votes lost

Mercedes Aguilar April 10, 2008
Online presidential elections for Associated Students were canceled after technical difficulties occurred Tuesday at 8 a.m. The two slates, Students First and Educate, Empower, Enhance (E3) have focused on online campaigning from the beginning because the new election board promised to make it work, said Nicole Umali, vice president candidate for E3.

USU offers students series of dance lessons for free

Mercedes Aguilar April 9, 2008
Afree hip-hop class provided by University Student Union on April 3 was the second of the three free dance classes that the USU is sponsoring this semester. Dance lessons are expensive at professional dance studios, so CSUN is offering students some lessons for free because they have shown an interest in it, said Vanessa Garduno, assistant program coordinator of major events for the USU.

‘Stop-Loss’ delivers strong social meaning within war

Mercedes Aguilar April 8, 2008
With the five-year anniversary of the Iraq war and the 4,000 U.S. soldier death toll, not much has been mentioned about the dissenting views from U.S. soldiers on the war by mainstream media. But "Stop-Loss," an MTV film, tries to shows the other side of war without being completely against it on the big screen.

Iranian youth continue sexual revolution against government

Mercedes Aguilar March 26, 2008
A seven-year research study has revealed that Iranian youths are embarking in a sexual revolution, or 'enqelab-i-jensi' in Iran to revolt against the government's laws. Pardis Mahdavi, assistant professor at Pomona College, conducted research from 2000 to 2007 in the urban city of Tehran where she interviewed 110 youths on the sexual movement.

Panelists speak on East L.A. Walkouts

Mercedes Aguilar March 13, 2008
Five panelists, in dedication to the 40th anniversary of the East Los Angeles Walkouts, came together to speak about the contribution the San Fernando Valley students gave to the walkouts in 1968. The event was held at CSUN on March 11 at the Shoshone room in the Satellite Student Union.
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