The Sundial

Lost messages from Hiroshima

Michelle Nelson

May 3, 2010

The day the bomb dropped, an entire culture disappeared. Before, the town was bustling with life. Festivals were held in the streets. In the summers, cicadas buzzed in the trees, birds chirped and children played in the river. After the “a-Bomb” dropped, there was nothing, recalled a Hiroshima survivor, “not even the s...

Relationships Happen: Valentine’s Day doesn’t always spell L-O-V-E

Michelle Nelson

February 10, 2010

I don’t mark the calendar with a big heart to remind my significant other of the day. I don’t want heart-shaped chocolates or roses. I definitely don’t want a card with fuzzy animals cuddling each other. I may be one of the handfuls of women that hate Valentine’s Day. It’s not because I’m...

Good grief: You’re all grown up, Charlie Brown

Michelle Nelson

February 3, 2010

Star rating: 5 out of 5 Life inside a five-block comic strip in the Sunday morning paper was so much simpler. Charlie Brown’s biggest worries were gaining the respect of his peers, mustering the courage to talk to the “Little Red-Haired Girl” or trying to kick that football. Flash forward a few ...

Class is in session at Grammy rehearsals

Michelle Nelson

February 1, 2010

A handful of members from Grammy U sat in the bleachers of the Staples center waiting to see the final run-through of what would be the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony, Friday, Jan.29. The Dave Matthews Band took their marks on stage, as the stand-in on the mic announced their performance. As the song opened, Dave Matthews crooned out the first few stanz...

Spontaneous kiss leads to photo award

Michelle Nelson

December 10, 2009

Danny Matson waited for his girlfriend on Westminster Bridge in London. The Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben clock tower loomed in the background over the haze of the foggy mist. Matson, separated from his girlfriend for a month, anxiously waited for her arrival. Once he spotted her, he set the timer on his camera...

Professor’s art shown in galleries around the world

Michelle Nelson

December 9, 2009

Technicolor. Psychedelic. Vivid. Like those weird dreams you get if you eat dinner right before going to bed. And in your dream, the steak appears alongside little gnomes lounging on the dinner table, next to an extravagant bouquet of outlandish flowers. Those are the images Erik Sandberg, illustration...

A taste of Ethiopia in Los Angeles

Michelle Nelson

December 6, 2009

Colorful buildings line the block on Fairfax Avenue. Several restaurants bunched together on this small strip of land radiate pungent, sweet and spicy scents of food cooking inside. Outside of one restaurant, a man was singing in Amharic - a language I’ve never heard before. Welcome to the Little...

Singer finds inspiration through Stevie Wonder’s music

Michelle Nelson

December 2, 2009

Growing up in a Christian household with a father who was a minister, Bryant Paul Mills was never allowed to listen to secular music. In high school, he would hear “For Your Love” play on the radio and always asked himself “who sings this song?” “My parents wouldn’t allow me to listen to R&B music…we listened to Maranatha, Sandy Patti … ...

Spotlight: One student out of 36,000

Michelle Nelson

December 1, 2009

Christina Handal isn’t a person that can be pigeonholed. The free-spirited, confident 21-year-old business management major said that concrete life plans scare her. “I don’t like to project out that far and try to plan my life that far in advance,” Handal said. “Even a month ahead, you...

Furlough days on Thanksgiving week

Michelle Nelson

November 29, 2009

What would have been a two-day Thanksgiving break may have turned into a week-long vacation since many professors have decided to take furlough days this week due to the holiday. Molly Nguyen, administrative assistant for the Asian American Studies department said that so far, nine professors have...

Emerging artist uses babies as social commentary

Michelle Nelson

November 18, 2009

There was always that question in the back of his head of whether he could make a living as an artist. Christopher Hayden, a 28-year-old junior marketing major, sat on his couch with his dog’s head resting in his lap; his iconic piece hanging on the wall above him, with the flecks diamond dust twinkling in the sunlight....

L.A. classic with an Argentine flair

Michelle Nelson

November 15, 2009

L ala’s Grill is quintessential L.A. On a Wednesday night, the place was crowded. A film crew was filming just outside the restaurant, while the valet charged restaurant patrons $3.50 to park cars. Lala’s offers both patio and inside seating. The tables inside the restaurant are so close together that you can’t help but eavesdrop o...

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