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Tayasui Sketches - Sketches offers a variety of tools, brushes, colors, text, paper grain, layers and shapes allowing users to sketch out ideas effortlessly.

Apps by major: an interactive way to study

Nicole Socala July 15, 2014

Cramming for an exam the traditional way demands traditional tools. You’re staring at a computer screen then your eyes start to glaze over, you’re hunched over a textbook then your shoulders start...

Roommate survival guide: tips for a crisis-free semester

Roommate survival guide: tips for a crisis-free semester

Nicole Socala July 15, 2014

The roommate from hell: An obnoxious individual who insists on scattering Geronimo’s wrappers on your side of the room and listening to Gangnam Style for the hundredth time on full volume. They come...

Matadors defend the Matadome in college boxing tournament

Matadors defend the Matadome in college boxing tournament

Nicole Socala May 13, 2014

    >>CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed Aaron Goldwyn of USC a McArio Del Castillo's opponent. Goldwyn pulled out of the match and was replaced with...

Four ways to maximize your summer

Four ways to maximize your summer

Nicole Socala May 8, 2014

It's that time of year again, when students begin to simultaneously echo the phrase, "I can't wait for summer." After the excruciating hours of cramming for tests and working on term papers, the...

New bill could change how sexual assault crimes are reported

Nicole Socala May 5, 2014

One in five female students is assaulted during their time in college, according to the National Institute of Justice. Colleges throughout the United States are accused of underreporting sexual assault...

Studies show Facebook may affect mood more than previously thought

Studies show Facebook may affect mood more than previously thought

Nicole Socala April 30, 2014

Social media boils down to an emotional whirlwind of status updates, tweets, retweets, selfies, shares, likes and tags. Twitter users tweet 400 million times a day, and over 4.75 billion pieces of...

Taming the jitters of public speaking

Taming the jitters of public speaking

Nicole Socala April 28, 2014

Breathe. Focus. Take your time. Speak clearly. Stand tall. Make eye contact. Sweaty palms and a knotted throat. Listen to the magnified taps of feet. Watch the clock smooth its hands over every increment...

 Eric Garcia, 22, CTVA senior, left, and Brenda Topete, 19, CDAC sophomore, right, playing the slot machine in the casino room at the Matador Nights on Friday, April 25, 2014 at the USU parking lot in Northridge, Calif. (Photo Credit: David J. Hawkins/Photo Editor)

USU is transformed into Las Vegas casino for Matador Nights

Nicole Socala April 27, 2014

The spring installment of Matador Nights brought together the old and the new with a club scene outdoors and a classic Las Vegas theme indoors. The event was hosted by the University Student Union (USU)...

Future athletic trainers promote national training awareness month

Nicole Socala April 16, 2014

March is National Training Awareness month with the purpose of shedding light on the frequently understated responsibilities of athletic trainers (ATs). In order to help others better understand what...

Nicolo Socola/Daily Sundial Sergia Louise Anderson, owner of The Vertitude, a pole dancing studio, shows off her talent with an aerial pose.

Pole dancing is left up for interpretation of the performers

Nicole Socala April 14, 2014

A stream of blue lights reflects across the mirrors in the dimmed studio perpetuating a Zen feel, similar to a yoga class. Stretching ensues for thirty-minutes, followed by the gradual progression into...

Photo courtesy of April Aguirre

The city of San Fernando finds its voice in a blog

Nicole Socala March 19, 2014

The San Fernando Valley is wedged into a corner of complaints and stereotypes: A blur of 105 degree summers, a sparse night scene and scattered X-ratings. When stripped of these misconstrued layers,...

Photo courtesy of VPAC, Jesus Vallinas

Gala Flamenca dances across VPAC stage with style

Nicole Socala March 16, 2014

The curtain is raised and a single beam of light spills over Carlos Rodríguez, a member of the renowned flamenco dance group Gala Flamenca. He moves his hands towards the light and suddenly clicks his...

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