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Time for a dose of perspective

Opinion Editor

December 6, 2005

I hate to sound contrarian, but it is sadly unavoidable sometimes. Such is the case with the current hand-wringing over tuition increases at CSUN and other public universities. The truth is that we students get quite a deal for our university education, despite the tuition increases over the past fou...

We can’t afford to avoid immigration problems

Opinion Editor

November 29, 2005

Yesterday, President Bush unveiled his grand plan to come to grips with the troublesome issue of immigration. The central part of his plan is a guest worker program, which would allow immigrant workers to live and work in the United States for a set number of years. Bush's solution to the immigrat...

Abortion points to future of America

Opinion Editor

November 21, 2005

On Nov. 13, the Washington Times revealed that President Bush's newest pick for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito, had said in 1985 that "the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion." The consequences have been immediate, with both supporters and defenders of Alito manning the barricades to de...

California drivers have never been more annoying

Opinion Editor

November 7, 2005

Many of you are well aware of all the crazies that currently inhabit our state's fine freeways. You drive with them every day, contending with their foibles and follies as you speed down the highway (or in the case of the 405, crawl). Often, we refer to these fine examples of vehicular malfeasance ...

Miers nomination a good lesson

Opinion Editor

October 26, 2005

The nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court is what philosophers and theology students like to call a "teachable moment." The fight between conservatives and President Bush reveals how serious conservatives are about reforming the federal judiciary and how wrong liberals have been about t...

At Large Senators are what we need

Opinion Editor

October 24, 2005

Starting on Oct. 25 and ending Oct. 26, students at CSUN will have the chance to vote on three referendums. The third referendum, which would create four new Senate seats, has the potential to make student elections more interesting and increase student involvement in A.S. The third referendum proposes to ...

Choosing between Prop. 78 and 79: I call heads

Opinion Editor

October 20, 2005

Among the myriad ballot measures being presented to voters on Nov. 8 will be two competing propositions, 78 and 79, regarding prescription drug discounts. These two propositions are an excellent example of how flawed our initiative system has become. Voting both of them down will send a message to po...

BBC shines bright once again

Opinion Editor

October 12, 2005

This week's feature in the theater of the absurd is the BBC's new documentary series, "Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs." The BBC claims in this series that President Bush told Nabil Shaath, then foreign minister for the Palestinian Authority, that God had given Bush a personal order to drive the ...

Bush refocuses nation on reasons for Iraq war

Opinion Editor

October 10, 2005

You have to love our President. With the scent of sagging poll numbers and dropping support for the war in Iraq in the air, the political hyenas have been circling the White House for months. Yelping incoherently about the lack of leadership in the war and the failure of the federal government in New Orlea...

Professors abuse their power with Peace Project

Opinion Editor

October 6, 2005

The Sept. 27 Peace Project, organized by members of the Art Department, is a prime example of political indoctrination in the classroom and the inability of the average student to effectively combat it. The ability of professors to coerce students into supporting certain political views is not only ...

Referendum not necessary for A.S.

Opinion Editor

October 3, 2005

On Sept. 27, the A.S. Senate voted to place three referendums on the ballot for its October election. The first two referendums involve the Constitutional Affairs Board. These referendums have the potential to drastically reshape the role of the CAB in A.S. and will cause unneeded problems in the n...

Diversity of views is needed for next Constitution Day

Opinion Editor

September 21, 2005

Last Saturday, CSUN hosted a Constitution Day seminar to celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution. All schools that receive federal funding were required by law to hold events on Constitution Day. Thanks to the College of Extended Learning, which sponsored the event, CSUN prepared a p...

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