Daily Sundial

Under the Sea

Raspina Jannesar December 2, 2009

A Pelagic Red Crab is seen on a CSUN biology class trip. Pelagic Red Crabs ride on the ocean currents traveling thousands of miles. Biology 325 is a class about life in the sea that helps students learn...

Our other mascot

Raspina Jannesar October 27, 2009

There are over 250 types of squirrels that exist and two species of tree squirrels that are native to California: the Western gray squirrel and the Eastern fox squirrel, according to the L.A. County...

How To: Get your exercise out of the gym and without membership fees

Raspina Jannesar October 20, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a free gym membership for life?  I know that we all at one point or another would like to get in shape, but how serious are we when it really comes down to working...

Monkeys Flying High - MikomiCon 2009 - CSUN Sept. 20th

Monkeys Flying High – MikomiCon 2009 – CSUN Sept. 20th

Raspina Jannesar September 22, 2009

Monkeys Flying High, MFH, (Yoshi Sudarso, Phyman Dang, Stephan Nissen, Neil Dang) Perfoming at CSUN on Sunday 9-20-09

Recession Living 101: Resume aside, looking sharp is key

Raspina Jannesar September 21, 2009

Are you graduating soon? Have you started looking for a job? Being in the working world for many years, I’ve noticed a trend in successful job interviews. One of the main reasons why most individuals...

Barbrix, a delicious tapas and wine restaurant, a hidden jewel in the city of Los Angeles

Raspina Jannesar September 18, 2009

Just minutes away from Interstate 5, there’s a hidden jewel in the city of Los Angeles that is less than six months old.  Barbrix is a tapas, wine restaurant with a Euro-Mediterranean influence. The...

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