Barbrix, a delicious tapas and wine restaurant, a hidden jewel in the city of Los Angeles

Raspina Jannesar

Saffron arancini stuffed with smoked mozzarella. Photo Credit / Raspina Jannefar
Saffron arancini stuffed with smoked mozzarella. Photo Credit / Raspina Jannefar

Just minutes away from Interstate 5, there’s a hidden jewel in the city of Los Angeles that is less than six months old.  Barbrix is a tapas, wine restaurant with a Euro-Mediterranean influence.

The restaurant is situated on Hyperion Avenue, but is hidden behind a hump of a parking lot.  The décor is modern and what you will notice first is how everything in this restaurant is uniquely designed. Just like the diversity on the menu, even the patio tables have their own unique character. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is very relaxed.

Barbrix would be perfect for any occasion, especially an intimate night with a special someone, or even for a group dinner.

The nature of a tapas restaurant is to order many different dishes which come in small portions and sharing them with one another is the tradition.

The price on all dishes and drinks are affordable which makes this restaurant stand out even more among many other choices, especially during these hard times.  So if you want to save money, but get out with your special someone for a memorable night out, make sure to stop by Barbrix for a glass of tasteful wine along with some of the most delicious dishes.

If you like sparkling wine, I would recommend Lambrusco Querecioli Secco which is a red sparkling wine from Italy for only $6 a glass.   To begin your tapas meal, you can start off by ordering the saffron arancini stuffed with smoked mozzarella for $6 a plate.  These orange crispy balls of heaven melt in your mouth and leave you asking your server for another plate.

Follow the saffron arancinis with Sicilian veal meatballs priced at $8 a plate. These 100 percent veal made meatballs are prepared with tasteful spices that make them irresistible to any pallette.

To keep your night filled with exotic tastes, try the grilled Santa Barbara swordfish. To be honest I personally don’t like seafood mostly because of the texture and the odor that it carries, but this mouth-watering dish carries no negative attributes and instead can possibly make a “fishatarian” out of a seafood-hating individual like me.

Besides, for only $12 a plate it’s definitely worth the risk. If you still can’t get yourself to try the fish then you must order the Moroccan Spice Rubbed Lamb Ribs with Tomato and Beldi Olive sauce. For only $8 a plate, you will feel as if you have flown to Morocco and tasted their local lamb ribs first hand.

If you’re anything like me you will want to wash down your meat with nothing but more meat.

I recommend ordering a plate of the prime skirt steak “tagliata” over wild arugula for $12. Be sure that you let your server know that you want it to be medium rare, the steak is finely sliced and over cooking it will ruin the flavor.

The recommended dishes should be enough to fill both you and your special guest, but if you have a sweet tooth then for only $7 you can take a few bites out of the Red Velvet Cakewich that is covered in chocolate and is simply delectable.

So if we calculate the prices for all the amazing dishes that were introduced to you from Barbrix your bill will be less than $70.

Sunday – Thursday 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.
2442 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027