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Students learn to cope with stress, anxiety during Blues Week

Terese Torgersen November 29, 2012

CSUN students received tools for coping with stress and anxiety as they prepared for finals week on Thursday at the USU as part of Beat the Blues Week. Vaheh Hartoonian is a graduate student at CSUN...

CSUN students get familiar with LinkedIn social media

Terese Torgersen November 29, 2012

A LinkedIn expert taught the CSUN community how to efficiently use the social media website as a tool to promote yourself and find available jobs. Stuart Fried has been an active member of LinkedIn...

Q&A with the director of ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’

Terese Torgersen November 5, 2012

The Daily Sundial got to interview Rich Moore who directed the new hit Disney movie “Wreck-It-Ralph.” The Cal. Arts alumni who studied character animation has previously directed episodes from the...

CSUN associates in politics: a legacy of political engagement and activism

CSUN associates in politics: a legacy of political engagement and activism

Terese Torgersen October 31, 2012

From current president of Egypt Mohamed Morsi to System of a Down frontman and activist Serj Tankian to urban studies and planning professor Raul Bocanegra, CSUN has a tradition of graduating  students...

CSUN students learn the importance of diverse faculty

Terese Torgersen October 31, 2012

The Faculty of Color lecture explained the importance of having ethnically diverse professors to diversify the campus, Wednesday. Students of all backgrounds attended the lecture and expressed the need...

Cinderella opera ‘Cendrillon,’ does not work out

Terese Torgersen October 31, 2012

The traditional Cinderella story was performed at CSUN with an unusual twist in the opera “Cendrillon” directed by Maurice Godin. The student production of Cinderella, performed in French, was accompanied...

‘Seminar’ still playing but with different cast

Terese Torgersen October 30, 2012

Writing workshop turns brutal in the Award-winner and Pulitzer Prize-finalist Theresa Rebeck’s new comedy “Seminar.” Famed author Leonard uses unorthodox methods to instill in his pupils the importance...

Documentary connects CSUN community to Jewish people and music

Terese Torgersen October 30, 2012

CSUN presented "Orchestra of Exiles" to the community Sunday explaining the connection between Jews and music. Jessica Kaplan, a senior English literature major, comes from a Jewish musical family and...

Students learn how to get and stay out of debt

Terese Torgersen October 24, 2012

A CSUN professor presented a lecture on how to stay out of debt Wednesday to provide information to students who are struggling with high debts. Dr. Linda Bradley, professor in family and consumer sciences,...

CSUN community learns the importance of deferred action

Terese Torgersen October 18, 2012

CSUN alumni presented a lecture on deferred action Thursday to provide information to people qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Sharlene Mae Bagon, CSUN alumni in Asian American...

Makeup to die for

Terese Torgersen October 17, 2012

Creating your own Halloween makeup is easier than you would expect. You will also save a lot of money by using household items that you already have. Halloween makeup is made as inexpensively as possible...

Butter carving gets brutal in ‘Butter’

Terese Torgersen October 10, 2012

Butter sculpting turns political in Jim Field Smith’s new comedy “Butter” as one contestant is determined to win by any means. Laura Pickler, played by Jennifer Garner,  does everything in her...

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