Makeup to die for

Terese Torgersen

Creating your own Halloween makeup is easier than you would expect. You will also save a lot of money by using household items that you already have. Halloween makeup is made as inexpensively as possible to maximize profits because of the products short shelf life, said Jennifer Taggart, a consumer product safety and labeling attorney. The makeup often contains unhealthy chemicals, heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which is why you should make up your own cosmetics.

Homemade Face Make Up

1 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp water
1/2 tsp cold cream
Food coloring

Blend starch and cold cream together, then add water to the mix and lastly the food coloring. Before applying the face makeup clean your face and let it dry. Then use your fingertips to apply the makeup. If you want to paint design on your face use a small paintbrush. The face makeup can be removed with soap and water.



Homemade Bruises

Deep blue powder eye shadow
Charcoal or smoke gray powder eye shadow
Shimmery green powder eye shadow
Makeup brush

Take your deep blue powder eye shadow or borrow from one of your friends and apply it with a wet makeup brush. Then take your fingertips and add blots of charcoal grey and blue shadows and use shimmery olive green on the edges. At the end smudge out the makeup so it looks real.



Homemade Blood

1/2 bottle of light corn syrup
Hot water
Squirt of liquid soap
Red food coloring
Blue or green food coloring (optional)

Take light corn syrup into a container, add water and blend it together. Do this until you have the right blend. Then add a little bit of liquid soap, this will make the blood easier to clean off when the Halloween party is over. Add red food coloring. If you don’t like the red color and wish it had been darker you can add blue or green. Keep it cool until you are ready to use it.



Edible Goop (used for scars, warts, wounds, etc.)

1 oz. Gelatin (not Jello, but plain, unflavored old-fashioned gelatin)
2 tablespoons of water

Start with 1 oz. gelatin, add 2 tablespoons boiling water and let it stir for 3 minutes. This will dissolve the gelatin. If you can’t stand the smell of it, add 2-4 drops of an oil that you like, for example sweet orange essential oil. After you have blended it together and you are happy with the smell of it, place the mixture on a waxed paper or another surface. Shape the gelatin into wart or scar or anything else. If you want to mix in some color, you have to work quickly.

Add red coloring to the mixture if you want to make a wound. To make the wound look old you can add chocolate syrup. A witch wart can be made by adding green coloring and some hair. For a ghoulish effect, add cornstarch or flour. For dead skin, add oatmeal.

After the goop has cooled down, gently peel it off the waxed paper. The goop looks best the same day because they dry out and shrink.



Fairy Glitter

Aloe Vera Gel

Blend Aloe Vera Gel and glitter, but remember to keep it away from your eyes. You can also use mineral makeup.

The recipes are from Amanda Formaro, Chef Editor of and Jennifer Taggart founder of