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burned furniture

California’s wildfires are a statewide crisis reflecting a global problem

Experts say that if steps aren’t taken, there undoubtedly will be worse and more frequent fires in the future
plan with dotted lines connecting it to different Southern states

California won’t fund your travel to eight states

A California law won't allow the state to fund trips to eight states with LGTBQ discriminatory laws.
plaque reading High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

The 2 sides of smoking marijuana on campus

Despite new law, marijuana is still illegal on campus
illustration shows california seperates from the rest of the United States

‘CalExit’ in the works?

With all that is happening in the world of politics, California is looking to secede from the U.S., but can it really happen?

Healthcare to be given to California’s undocumented immigrants

Undocumented immigrants may be allowed access to the system that they've been subsidizing.
Tourist poses with two guard statues outside of a tea shop.

Student Travel Column: Destination England

A CSUN student shares her experience and tips after visiting England

You can choose the state, but the state chooses no one

When moving to the state of California, leave your prejudices behind.

Water usage at CSUN comes into question as drought persists

With a student population numbering this semester at over 36,000 students, the very notion of water conservation on campus may seem far-fetched — even...

CSUN develops impaction measures for 2016-2017

CSUN's plan for impaction in 2016 is being worked out by campus officials and efforts to clarify the policy to students are underway.

Study raises concerns about toxic oil and gas emissions in California...

By David Hasemyer (TNS) The infrared video showed an eerie scene: waves of volatile chemicals floating from the vent pipes of an oil-and-gas processing plant...

Watering down California’s drought crisis

This world is going to hell. Each generation’s elders, aged to perfection, have claimed this as their swan song, presumably since the dawn of...

Students unsure about legalizing recreational marijuana in California

Morgan Tilford, a senior majoring in communication studies, played for CSUN’s men’s basketball team last year. But he did not return this season to play...
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