Student Travel Column: Destination England


Taelim Kim in front of a tea shop on Carnaby Street in London, England. Photo credit: Courtesy of Taelim Kim

Vanessa Barajas

Taelim Kim, 22, is a graduating senior majoring in journalism and minoring in Japanese who traveled to the England in the winter of 2014.

Q: Where have you traveled?

A: I’m Korean, so I’ve traveled to Korea a lot. I’ve also been to Europe and visited Italy, Britain and France. Britain was my favorite place I traveled to.

Q: Who did you travel with? How long was your visit?

A: My friend lives in England, so I visited her for three weeks. I stayed with her at her apartment near King’s Cross Station.

Q: What was your favorite place you visited?

A: The British Museum. Because my friend is majoring in art history, so she explained [to] me everything like [a] guide in [the] museum. It was very interesting for me.

Q: What did you eat there?

A: I tried fish and chips, and I went to a lot of pubs. I don’t think they really have good food. They have a lot of burgers and steaks.

Q: How are the people there different from California?

A: Here in California, people are very friendly and, compared to here, they were unfriendly. I’ve been living here for eight years and I think people from California are nicer.

Q: Do you have any tips to potential travelers?

A: If you are going to the UK from California, don’t expect good weather. It’s always raining. I don’t recommend going during the winter. I went there during the winter. It was like that all the time.

Q: What was your most memorable moment?

A: It was New Year’s Eve. There were fireworks, and there were so many people out on the street everywhere. I was out with my friend and her friends.”

Q: Would you ever go back?

A: Yes, I really want to go back. I’ve been wanting to go back. I want to live there some day for at least a year. I don’t know why, but I really love London. I’ve been to France and other places, but I love London better.