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CSUN’s crime blotter: theft, “Cops” and the last bowl

It would be cool if the CSUN Crime Blotter was a weekly television show and could send you action shots of shirtless guys with...

CSUN’s crime blotter: Spring pre-gaming, while the trash burns

The thing the crime log can teach you about life is that although CSUN is an amazing institution that can lead extraordinary people to...

CSUN’s crime blotter: love, pain and stolen turtles

Last week was a good week for utter decadence and debauchery, but there was one crime that really hurt the heart. It's buried deep,...

CSUN’s crime blotter: vehicular theft and more swearing (with some nudity)

So last week, CSUN did a lot more dirty deeds and made for a way more interesting crime report. There's too much crazy crap...

CSUN’s crime blotter: down, dirty and ongoing

Last week was boring. Either CSUN students are doing something right and decided to act like adults, or they just forgot how to have...

CSUN’s crime blotter: offensive language and unreasonable noise

Despite being an institution of higher education that is tasked with producing the next generation of outstanding professionals, crimes do happen, and students commit...

CSUN’s crime blotter: the weekly dirt on campus

Note from the editor: Dear Reader, Welcome to The Sundial's new crime blotter, a new weekly feature where we go over the daily crime log released by CSUN's Department of Police Services.
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