CSUN’s crime blotter: the weekly dirt on campus

Daily Sundial

Despite being an institution of higher education that is tasked with producing the next generation of outstanding professionals, crimes do happen, and students commit crime.

Last week saw a few instances of vandalism, petty theft, assault and drug and alcohol possession on and near the CSUN campus. Here is a breakdown of all the down and dirty to go on:


Partying too hard is possible and for several individuals the next morning carried a different kind of headache.

An unlucky seven individuals were arrested Friday for alcohol possession and referred for further punishment in one case, but a total of 12 were arrested for the offense that day.

Excessive drinking that puts others in harm’s way is no laughing matter, but drugs, in the immortal words of “South Park’s” Mr. Mackey, “drugs are bad.”

Slamming smack can smack you in the face. Two individuals were arrested in UPA building 16 for possession of a “controlled substance” and hypodermic needles. One reportedly possessed burglary tools.

Yeah, weed is pretty much legal in California, but if the line is crossed then the law will be enforced.

There is always that dude who just doesn’t care who sees him lighting one up. A individual was cited for blazing in the G9 parking structure. Hey, school is stressful, but tickets are worse — especially when they cut into your stash fund.

In all, a total of four drug violations were reported last week and seven instances of alcohol fouls. Turn it down, folks.


Sometimes crazy things off-campus become on-campus. Last week a suspect was cited then released for hitting someone during an argument.

Other times a bunch of hormonal teenagers get into it at Northridge Academy High School. The pair fled before the arrival of the CSUN Department of Police Services last Thursday.

The two incidents mentioned above are no bueno, but beating someone up for $12 is just cheap.

Two individuals were arrested last Monday for attacking someone because they owed them a small amount of money. The investigation is ongoing.


Stealing stuff while playing the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Thief, can be a fun in-game hobby that can really improve your lockpicking skills. But to do it to poor CSUN students who shuffled all their money into a brand new Apple laptop only to have it lifted the next day — is the action of a jerk.

Putting a lock on a bike is a must when rushing to library start a class project 10 minutes before you have to be there. Let it be hoped that the victim who locked their bike up the right way outside of the dorms Thursday, gets it back.

Now everyone knows someone who set their phone down in the bathroom while they were relieving themselves, but doesn’t think it can ever happen to them. Hope whoever left their phone in the University Student Union Sol Center has a lot of friends who won’t make the same mistake in the ongoing theft investigation.

But making sure precious items are secure in public is one for common sense. It’s the ones that happens in a safe spot that aches the most.

For one victim, Valentine’s Day saw no remorse as heartless thieves lifted a laptop from her residence. The suspect has not been identified and the CSUN PD are investigating the case.

In all a total of seven burglary/theft cases were logged last week.

Traffic Collision:

Don’t back into someone’s car and then run off without exchanging information with the owner. It is a classic jerk move.

To the person that hit someone’s car in the G3 parking lot last week and got away with it – not cool.

Unreasonable Noise:

Sometimes fighting for the right to party can just end up in a pissed off neighbor screaming “turn that crap down” and the cops showing up to reinforce that request.

Students having a not-so kickback, kickback, in the University Park Apartments building 14 had their party broken up Thursday night at the request of their next door neighbor and the CSUN PD. Those involved were referred to student affairs for disciplinary action.

Little Jon might ask, “Turn down for what?” But at CSUN the answer to that question is — the police. That’s a must.


Half-assed scribble graffiti is a hard thing to pass off as art. In two separate reports, blue marker was used to write something on a trashcan and on the side of the Sierra Center. No suspects were apprehended.

For a comprehensive and untainted view of the crime on campus, visit the CSUN PD’s website: http://www.csun.edu/police/

–Senior Sundial Staff