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After the “Hoax” – Students express their concerns about campus communication and security

woman police officer speaking to a group of people

Julio Mendez Ulloa

March 7, 2018

Students filled the room to engaged in dialogue over what they felt was mishandling by the CSUN administration over the “Snapchat incident.” CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin, Vice President for Students Affairs, William Watkins, and Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Jeff Nobl...

Active shooter preparedness

Poster reading pointers on how to survive and active shooter

Kianna Hendricks

March 2, 2018

Student volunteers pretended to lay dead, officers carried fake guns, dummies imitating bodies were dragged and officers communicated over their radios while acting out scenario-based drills. Preparing for the worst is now frequently about active shooter situations on American school campuses. CSUN's...

Student demonstration denounces campus police’s reaction to gun threat

Protesters marching while holding signs reading My Life is Not a Hoax

Jacob Pascua

February 28, 2018

Students dressed in red and white, fervently chanted “My life is not a hoax” and “Open and operational” in a staged performance in front of the Oviatt library on Monday. The class of COMS 401, performance and social change, expressed their discontent with how campus police managed the false gun threat on Feb. 16. The students criticized CSUN for the lack of communication as students panicked when they ...

CSUN PD and CTVA collaborate on active shooter video.

CSUN police practice their shooting skills with fake guns

Nicole Wong

September 1, 2016

CSUN Police Services teamed up with the cinema and television arts (CTVA) department in order to create an Active Shooter Awareness video to help students and faculty prepare for active shooter situations. Its objective is for CSUN students to be able to understand what is happening on and around...

CSUN Police Services warns students about bicycle theft

CSUN Police Services warns students about bicycle theft

Esmeralda Careaga

September 17, 2013

CSUN has experienced several bike thefts this month according to CSUN Police Department (PD). Between Sept. 3 and Sept. 11 four bikes were reported stolen by PD. The bicycles were stolen from Jacaranda Hall, a student housing University Park Apartment,  the west side of the Student Recreation Center an...

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