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Student Reaction: 2015 MTV VMAs

More than just an awards show?

Biopic “Straight Outta Compton” tells N.W.A’s incredible story

Film does justice displaying rap group's tough journey through Compton and the music industry

Matafest Kicks Off Fall Semester at USU

The USU event welcomes students back to campus

Prep for Valentine’s Day on Netflix

Looking for some new romantic films to watch? Netflix Instant delivers this month.

Artists transform light on water into money for water filtration stations

Surf and art combine in an exhibit by photographer Rob Machado and artist Sage Vaughn

H&M releasing a Coachella-inspired clothing line

Coachella is turning into a walking fashion show instead of a music festival

10th Anniversary of Free Museum Day

Free admission to Los Angeles' museums this Saturday

Geek Clash welcomes third host

It didn’t take long for “Geek Clash” to evolve into its new, triple threat form. This week we welcome Lita Van Houten to the...

Culture Clash Podcast: E3 2014 and the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

This time on the Culture Clash Podcast, Josh and Trevor discuss the highlights of this year's E3 show and geek out over the "Game...
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