Student Reaction: 2015 MTV VMAs

Student Reaction: 2015 MTV VMAs

Eliset Zapien

It is definitely more than just an award show: the MTV Video Music Awards, or VMAs, sure did not fail to entertain this year.

All the biggest names in the music industry were there. From the glamorous red carpet looks to the performances, the VMAs left us several things to talk about. Every year the VMAs are known for being outrageous and unpredictable. They have produced things to laugh about, shake heads at, and make viewers go, “What?!” This year brought no exception.

“It was a little awkward to have Miley as the host,” said Erick Bocani, current CSUN student.

The 22-year-old host, Miley Cyrus, really took ahold of the show Sunday night. The last time Cyrus was seen on stage was two years ago, at the 2013 VMAs, with giant teddy bears and a huge foam finger alongside Robin Thicke, promoting a not so glamorous side of her.

Cyrus hit the red carpet with almost no outfit on, which revealed pretty much everything. But flaunted her silver outfit with matching boots.

“I was not surprised to see those outfits on her,” said current CSUN sophomore, Fatab Koroma, “I was definitely expecting it!”

Although all eyes were on Cyrus and her crazy outfit changes, there were also others who grabbed viewers attention. Nicki Manaj and Taylor Swift seemed to have reconciled after the Twitter feud to close the pact with a duet at the VMAs. Who knows if they really buried the past behind but they finished off with a huge hug. Then Minaj calls out Cyrus on live television while she accepted the award for “Best Hip-Hop music video.”

Meanwhile Justin Bieber’s teary performance on his new song “Where Are You Now” had everyone wondering why he was so emotional. He isn’t really known to show his emotions, especially at an event so big. But the star stunts everyone as he bent over just before breaking out in tears.

And who can forget Kanye West’s speech after he was awarded the “Video Vanguard Award,” announcing his 2020 presidential run. It’s Kanye, no one really knows if he’s joking around or not, but he sure does know how to stir up attention.

“Yes, I think he would run for president,” said current CSUN student, Melissa Goldman, “He wouldn’t have said it if he wouldn’t have meant it.”

However, the bombshell of the night was when Cyrus revealed her new album called ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dread Petz’ for free. She picked just the perfect moment to do so.

“The VMAs keep changing so much,” said current 19-year-old CSUN student Marcos Chavez, “You really don’t know what to expect anymore.”