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A discriminatory bill against the LGBTQ community in Arizona thankfully vetoed

Ryan Mancini February 27, 2014

Upon viewing the the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Queer (LGBTQ) landscape in America, the current perception would be that things are going in the right direction. With marriage equality legalized...

California implements the first comprehensive transgender law for K-12 students

Anne Christensen September 4, 2013

California became the first state to pass legislation allowing transgender K-12 students to choose restroom facilities and participate in physical education or sports based on their self-defined gender...

LGBT is an American issue

Benjamin Andrews September 23, 2012

                              I wish I could live in a world where no one cares...

Don’t boycott Girl Scout cookies

Hansook Oh February 13, 2012

Joelle Katz Social media editor Would you like to buy someĀ  Girl Scout cookies? Before you say no, read ahead. Recently, a teenager from Ventura County appeared in a YouTube video promoting a boycott...

Live and Let Live

Wendy Peters March 22, 2010

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, in a necessary two-steps forward and one-step back approach, is sponsoring a charter school serving grades seven through 12. The school, geared toward providing...

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