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It’s just a game, assholes!

It’s just a game, assholes!

Megan Diskin

October 2, 2013

When Walter O’Malley, then owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, decided to move the ball club to California in 1957 he convinced the then owner of the New York Giants, Horace Stoneham, to move his ball club there, too. O’Malley wanted to keep the years-old rivalry alive. Both teams moved west where the Dodger...

Female CSUN students reflect national binge drinking behaviors

Michelle Reuter

April 15, 2013

Studies show that CSUN students are keeping up with the national average when it comes to binge drinking, especially for women. According to a recent study released by the Center for Disease Control in January, the prevalence and intensity of binge drinking for women age 18 to 24 was higher than for any ...

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