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Comic shows drugs taking tests

NCAA drug testing adjusts with modern drug habits

The NCAA has been drug-testing student athletes for performance enhancing drugs and recreational drugs since 1986.
Illustration of a map of the United States of America' colored in all black with a gray Marijuana leaf drawn on top of the map.

North America is heading toward marijuana legalization

With aspects of all three North American countries supporting the notion of marijuana legalization, it's time to bring a swift end to the pathetic drug war.

Students could face citations for drug, alcohol violations on campus

Reported alcohol and drug violations at CSUN Student Housing have increased as students welcome the spring semester. According to the CSUN police department...

Using drugs to get through school

Drug users are often stereotyped as party goers or addicts, but what might be surprising is that some students, like one CSUN senior –...

Legalizing marijuana can reduce crime, increase revenue for state

Marijuana legalization is an issue that has been present in California politics for years....
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