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Enrollment program would make school easier for students

Contributor December 16, 2015

Finals are around the corner, and along with the stress of turning in papers and exams comes the stress of choosing next semester's courses. The later the registration date means the greater stress...

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Poor management and the students’ nightmares

Ryan Wilson September 26, 2015

Having trouble getting classes? Or maybe you've been referred from one department to another without an explanation? How about being denied information crucial to your transfer or graduation? If you've...

CSUN no exception from CSU spring admission restrictions

Crystal Lambert October 22, 2014

CSUN has exceeded its enrollment target for the 2014-2015 academic year and will impose acceptance restrictions for students attempting to enter the university during the spring semester. Within the...

Students rush around the campus during the first week of school to attend classes, buy books and visit the Student Recreation Center. CSUN does not usually enroll a large number of students in the spring semester compared to the fall, which had the largest number of freshman in the campus history. (File Photo / Loren Townsley / The Sundial)

Spring enrollment at CSUN follows trends of previous years

Champaign Williams January 22, 2014

Though CSUN admitted a record-breaking number of freshmen students in the fall semester, this spring the numbers for incoming freshmen and transfer students are slim. For the past several years the...

CSUN officials anticipate a record 38,000 plus students to enroll this fall 2013

CSUN officials anticipate a record 38,000 plus students to enroll this fall 2013

Charlie Kaijo August 25, 2013

University officials are expecting record numbers for students enrolled at CSUN this fall. More than 38,000 students have been accepted to the university and about 10,000 are incoming freshmen and...

CSU campuses receive record number of applications for the fourth straight year

CSU campuses receive record number of applications for the fourth straight year

Melanie Gaball January 20, 2013

The California State University system received 12 percent more applications for Fall 2013 than it did for the previous year, continuing a four year increase in demand for higher education across all 23...

College of Arts, Media and Communications opens class seating

Ashley Soley-Cerro February 1, 2012

Deans and associate deans met with Vice Provost Cynthia Rawitch Monday to discuss the possibility of increasing the number of full-time equivalent students (FTES) to accommodate graduating seniors. The...

Students protest unit caps and freeze of permission numbers

Carl Robinette January 29, 2012

More than 70 CSUN students led by members of Central American United Student Association, Students for Quality Education and MEChA marched through campus protesting in response to CSUN's decision to only...

Enrollment, classes and services to open up for students

Reanna Delgadillo November 1, 2010

With the recent budget signed by the governor of California, some CSU campuses are now able to open enrollment again to allow more students to apply. While CSUN is not reopening admissions, the money...

CSUN’s freshman class increases to largest in history

Marissa Kindelspire August 23, 2010

The department of undergraduate studies is working toward a revamped freshman admission plan to begin next year as a result of an increase in enrolled students. More than 5,200 first-time freshman will...

CSUN to lower enrollment

Geraldine Marquez February 16, 2010

CSUN enrollment will be reduced by 11 percent for the 2010 – 2011 academic year, said President Jolene Koester at Tuesday’s Associated Students’ (A.S.) Town Hall Meeting. The event, which was...

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