Enrollment, classes and services to open up for students

Reanna Delgadillo

With the recent budget signed by the governor of California, some CSU campuses are now able to open enrollment again to allow more students to apply.

While CSUN is not reopening admissions, the money from government funds is now revealed after a three-month wait for the budget to be signed.

“Northridge is going to get $9.4 million for enrollment growth,” said Erik Fallis, media specialist for the CSU.

Fallis said the money the CSUs will be receiving comes from $199 million from the new state budget, $106 million from federal government money that was freed up after payroll and another $60.6 million from the state set aside specifically for enrollment.

“All of that is then divided when it comes to the CSU between funding that is going to be spent on enrollment growth and then funding that is going to be spent on restoring operations,” Fallis said.

Fallis said another $9.3 million is going to go to restoring classes and services.

“This is where it benefits the existing students,” Fallis said.

Fallis said CSUN would also receive about $1.2 million for mandatory costs such as health care and energy bills.

“We have received 2,360 transfer applications for (the) spring semester,” said Carol McAllister, assistant director for admissions and records.

McAllister said 762 applicants have been accepted as of Oct. 28, and that number is due to change as the university continues to receive and review transcripts.

She said the university had received 1,058 graduate applications and as of Oct. 28, 269 of these applicants have been accepted.

According to the CSUN website, all graduate admissions are now closed with the exception of the education programs.

McAllister added that 1,747 transfer applications were incomplete.

“We will admit all eligible transfer students who applied for spring, but at this point in time there’s no way to tell how many will complete their applications or be eligible,” McAllister said.

McAllister  said  students from the 1,747 incomplete applicants will be invited to  go to the school Nov. 16 and 17, where they will be able to  take their transcripts and receive assistance from the outreach office with finishing their applications.