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Green documentaries to look out for

Roxanne Estrada

April 21, 2010

In celebration of Earth Day, step out of the box and get the 411 on some issues that you might not be aware of.  But instead of reading boring documents about how we’re polluting our planet, invite some friends over for a night of green documentaries. They have become a growing niche in the film...

Follow the food truck using social media

Jacob Nahin

March 16, 2010

Food served out of the back of a truck isn't new, but leave it to Los Angeles to make what would otherwise be called a "roach-coach" into something trendy. That said, there are a number of food trucks roaming the L.A. area that use Twitter to tell fan foodies where they are serving meals. If you're...

How to: Prepare for the unexpected while at school

Victoria Hernandez

February 9, 2010

While at school we encounter many unexpected events, from changing weather conditions, to food stains, to people with clipboards and having to deal with long breaks in between classes. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for these particular situations. As we all know, the weather in the valley can go ...

Special Investigative Report: Food options at school examined


October 15, 2009

The following students from professor Linda Bowen’s Spring 2009 Journalism 410 class contributed to the story: Reporters: Samantha Minton, Kristyn Fryrear, Robert Cisneros, Casey Rowley, Tiaira Nowlin, Cynthia Martinez, Mariana Enriquez, Shayla Selva, Gail Moscoso Diced bell peppers, green...

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