Farmers markets, the urban grocer

Jake Fredericks

Thank goodness for bees. Without these amazing winged specimens the season of spring would cease to exist. You don’t have look very far to see how impactful the bees’ labor of love stretches, simply look toward the variety of produce, offered in great quantities from vendors at Los Angeles’ farmers markets. Here, purveyors and customers alike reap the ecological benefits of pollination. Farmers markets are a veritable cornucopia of food, overflowing with seasonal vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grains and protein selections. This week, dive into LA’s premiere food bazaars and rediscover the meaning of “farm-to- table” eating.


History Buff:

Although there are dozens upon dozens of farmers markets throughout Los Angeles County, many Angelenos credit The Original Farmers Market, located at 633 W. 3rd St., as being the first to answer a social demand for fresh produce on a large-scale platform. “Meet me at 3rd & Fairfax” is more than just the market’s catch phrase, it’s an invitation. There are over 100 stalls dedicated to the convivium of food merchants stationed at “The Original,” each one as culinarily distinct as their neighbors. It’s not strictly potatoes and apples here, my friend– it’s handspun ice cream, freshly baked bread, skilled fishmongers and impossibly vibrant heirloom tomatoes. If none of that whets your whistle, consider splurging on a bottle of craft wine from Monsieur Marcel, or indulging your taste buds with luxurious cheeses from Little Spain Gourmet Market. Since 1934, The Original Farmers Market has remained a hallmark in LA’s urbanized food culture, and symbolically debunks social preconceptions concerning the economic sustainability of farm-fresh food.