Put some magic in your morning with ‘Fairy Toast’


Madeline Sensibile

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day, which has changed since I was a wee lass. I am always craving something sweet before school starts, but never know what to make. This week, instead of sharing a dinner recipe with you, I’ll be sharing my newfound recipe for Fairy Toast for this installment of Dinner Thyme.

Fairy Toast is almost ridiculously easy to make. You only need three ingredients: bread, butter and sprinkles. But for our purposes, I put my own spin on things, using some raspberry preserves, Brioche bread and a variety of sprinkles, because who doesn’t love sprinkles?

This colorful take on toast is eaten in Australia, often at birthday parties, potentially in lieu of cake. Fairy Toast is delicious, but it’s no replacement for cake.

Regardless, this recipe for Fairy Toast is something you should keep in your college food arsenal when you’re feeling extra fancy in the morning.

First, grab your ingredients. You’ll need some sort of thick bread. I choose Brioche since it is a little sweet, butter that is spreadable (not too cold) and a variety of decorations.


Next, you’ll want to toast the bread slightly. Then, cut it diagonally across, like your mom used to cut your sandwiches for your school lunch. Depending on the abilities of your toaster, I’d say leave the bread in there for about three minutes.


After the bread is toasted comes the fun part. Spread the butter on however many pieces you want, and the preserves on the other pieces. Then, its decoration time!




Fairy Toast is as simple as that. With just a few steps, you have yourself one of the cutest breakfast toasts I’ve ever seen. It looks exactly like the name describes: as if a fairy came out of the sky and waved her magic wand. It’s a perfect fix for that sweet craving in the morning. The taste of the Brioche combined with smooth butter or jam and the crunchy sprinkles is super delicious.