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Matador News: April 30th, 2015

Matador News: April 30th, 2015

Matador News

April 30, 2015

The investigation into the death of Freddie Gray is now in the hands of Maryland prosecutors. Suge Knight pleads not guilty to murder. Matador News reporter October Primavera reports on a sudden increase in gas prices. Anchors: Stephanie Stanziano, Alicia Zerai, Jacqueline Serrano and Lindsey Karlis Producers:...

Increased fuel costs impact CSUN students

Melissa Simon

March 5, 2012

In January, many people were wondering when gas prices would stop climbing and stabilize before hitting $4 per gallon. The answer came in February, when prices continued to climb instead of evening out or lowering. According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, a comprehensive nationwide fuel price survey, the record high for gas pr...

Student chooses bike riding as his main mode of travel

Kristopher A. Fortin

April 27, 2011

“You hear all the sounds, you smell all the smells, the hearsay that you hear from the side,” he said. “It’s an entrancing, engaging experience.” Each squeaky pedal that Hakeem Davis makes on his bicycle as he reaches the top of Griffith Park is like a cross-country train entering a station. Davis rides around at the top for a few minutes to catch his breath and wipe the sweat trailin...

Gas crunch: my possible transportation alternative is a motor scooter

Julio Alberto Cruz

April 25, 2011

So many many thing to do and people to see, but so little money for gas for the necessary commutes is the issue. Since January it seems like every other week gas prices have risen, especially here in Los Angeles. And many people have turned to driving less, using public transportation, riding bicycles...

Every Bit Counts: How to Bump up MPG

Christiaan Patterson

April 22, 2011

We know that hybrid vehicles such as a Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are built for next to no CO2 emissions but what about the rest of the cars? After all in the U.S. Toyota just hit its one millionth sale and the Insight is about 21,000 after being released in 2009. So 1.2 million clean cars on...

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